Bloopers, Bombs and Downright Dumb Marketing from 2016

Posted on by Patty Odell

The year is coming to a close and Digiday took a look back to bring us the best and—mostly—worst in media and marketing.

An ad mocking Sept.11, one of a number of 2016 marketing blunders.
An ad mocking Sept.11, one of a number of 2016 marketing blunders.

The article reminds us of the terrible tweets, the mix-up in identifying super stars (Opra versus Whoppie), the worst logos and the most obnoxious media launch.

We review ads that were hated, bombarded with social ire, called racist chatbots and even one that was created and aired that was so insensitive it’s truly incredible that any marketer would give it the green light. (What Marketer Mocks Sept. 11?)

So grab a cup of coffee—a spiked eggnog might be more appropriate for this lineup of marketing bloopers—sit back and be reminded of what NOT to do in 2017. Read the article …

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