Multicultural Marketing: Technology Tools for Marketers to Reach Diverse Audiences

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Though the digital marketing industry has made moves to embrace diversity and serve underrepresented audiences in recent years, there remains a gap between the intention of industry leaders and the reality of multicultural marketing in practice, according to an article in AdMonsters. But some of that can be solved with the right technology tools.

For instance, leveraging advanced audience data from multiple sources can help brands create more targeted campaigns by providing insights into consumer behavior that can be used to inform campaign strategies. Brands can also partner with multicultural endemic publishers that are skilled in targeting specific demographics.

Third, be careful to limit your outreach to “inclusion lists,” or groups of publications that target a specific demographic, as that niche audience may not align precisely with your criteria. Finally, avoid relying on the automation of brand safety measures, which may include block lists of terms for brands to avoid advertising alongside, since this approach can result in unintentionally discriminating against media outlets owned by underrepresented communities. For more on how marketers can adjust their targeting practices to reach underserved demographics more effectively, read on in Admonsters.


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