Customer Data and Journey Still Trouble for CMOs: CMO Council Research

Posted on by Patty Odell
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Some 34% of senior marketers are still testing and learning digital experiences—CMO Council

Close to half of all marketers say they continue to have challenges gathering and centralizing consumer data so that they can glean a clear picture of the customer, according to new research from the CMO Council and IBM.

The research found that understanding the customer journey across all digital and physical channels would be a significant initiative for senior marketers. Tied to that will be the effort to create customer experiences that are highly personalized and content rich. Some 60% of marketers said that digital has altered content strategies and heightened the need for more types and formats of content, followed by 40% who said there is a heightened need for aggregated data that is pulled from across the entire company. Close behind, 43% reported that digital has revealed cracks in systems for data gathering.

This in-depth research, “Connected Interaction to Power Brand Attraction,” delves into the impact and repercussions of digital, adding resources and technology to support digital, the results of digital campaigns, and where senior marketers will put the majority of their budgets in 2017, among other topics. Read the article …


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