Incredible Articles: Our B2C Marketing Top 10 for June

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

incredibles marketing
Acics partnered with “Incredibles 2” for a new campaign.

If you want superpowered marketing intelligence, check out our 10 most popular consumer marketing articles for June 2018.

Gorillaz Fans Chat With Murdoc in Prison
A virtual cry for help from imprisoned Gorillaz bassist Murdoc Niccal’s via chatbot is the latest move in the band’s promotional push for its upcoming album.

Jack Morton Takes Top Honors at the 2018 PRO Awards Gala
Jack Morton Worldwide took top honors at the 28th Annual PRO Awards Gala, winning the Platinum PRO Award for Best Overall Campaign for “CoverGirl Rantin’ & Raven.”

Q&A: JCPenney CMO on Marketing to Women in the #MeToo Era
JCPenney CMO Marci Grebstein, talks about the “Style and Value for All” campaign and the importance of getting it right when connecting with women.

The New Rule of Using Feminism in Marketing
The use of “femvertising” is on the rise; Katie Martell shares who is getting it right—and wrong.

Five Secrets to Winning Women’s Trust in Your Brand
Bruce Henderson points out that you’re discussing how to amplify your brand to better target today’s empowered woman, chances are you weren’t marketing to her very well in the first place.

What Makes Up the Ideal Marketing Team?
There’s been plenty of discussion recently around what makes up the ideal team. Should it be all marketers— brand marketers, marketing VPs, CMOs, marketing directors, marketing managers and so on—or should other types be on the roster?

Macy’s Recruits Employees as Social Superstars
Macy’s is the latest brand to recruit its own store employees as influencers.

Incredibles Make Acics Part of Their Super Suits
Considering that one of their members is a speedster, it makes perfect sense that sneaker brand Asics is a promotional partner for Disney-Pixar’s “Incredibles 2.”

Create Compelling and Engaging Content With Influencers
Influencer marketing, when done well, is about storytelling by respected sources, and that requires more than sending product to 50 social influencers and asking them to post pre-packaged messages with a campaign hashtag on social media platforms.

Coke Cans Promote Peace and Hope for Trump Summit
Once again, Coca-Cola has put its own spin on a major cultural moment. This time, it joined in the historic summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un using the #TastethefeelingofHope and a digital billboard.


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