How Interactive Content for B2B Marketing Will Leap Forward with 5G 

Posted on by Paul Heald

5G, the next generation of mobile connectivity, has the potential to transform the way businesses operate. The long-awaited network will mean much more than just faster connection speeds. 5G-enabled devices will download data about 20 times faster than their 4G counterparts, paving the way for higher-resolution 4K videos and richer, more immersive experiences. Not only will content load in a fraction of the time it currently takes, but the extremely low latency of 5G will enable companies to produce customized, multi-dimensional content that appears or changes in response to viewers’ actions and preferences.

According to a study conducted by Ovum and Intel, 5G will “propel annual revenue from immersive and new media applications from zero to $67 billion within a decade.” This will obviously be a boon for the entertainment industry, but it will also be a game changer for the B2B sector. Engaging and interactive content made possible by 5G will change the way B2B marketers collaborate, communicate and market their products and services.

Communicate with Colleagues and Customers Anywhere, Anytime

Telecommuting is quickly becoming the new normal. More than 65 percent of companies allow remote work and 16 percent are fully remote. It is increasingly important to keep the lines of communication open at all times with colleagues and customers, whether they are at the home office, traveling to meetings, or working from home.

Those who have regular conference calls with coworkers and clients know how difficult it can be to have a productive conversation without a video freezing, audio going in and out, or participants dropping off due to bad connections. 5G’s lightning-fast data transfer rate promises to make these disruptions a thing of the past, allowing teams to conduct high-quality video calls that can make participants feel as though everyone is in the same room—a rarity in today’s untethered world.

But the benefits of 5G extend far beyond daily conference calls. Companies will also be able to create engaging, eye-catching live presentations for clients that can replace or supplement in-person sales meetings. Organizations can leverage 5G’s capabilities to produce interactive and customized content that makes routine meetings and sales calls truly memorable experiences for potential customers.

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Live Broadcasts Will Become Far More Engaging

Although the convenience of on-demand videos still appeals to many professionals, live online webinars and videos will continue to be a top-performing marketing category through the next decade.

Currently, smartphones and tablets—even those equipped with the fastest processors on the market—often have trouble transmitting or streaming live broadcasts of events, presentations, and panel discussions. The extremely low latency expected with 5G will substantially reduce lag time and allow audiences to tune in remotely to watch high-quality videos in real-time. And it will enable companies to produce customized content that appears or changes in response to viewers’ preferences or—if two-way cameras are involved—their physical reactions to what they’re watching.

On the other hand, presenters at large gatherings and events will enjoy faster connection speeds on their 5G-enabled devices, giving them the ability to quickly and continuously respond to viewers’ questions, comments, and reactions. Verizon, a leader in the 5G space, has already given its customers the ability to access its 5G Ultra Wideband network in several high-traffic public spaces including sports arenas and event spaces—places where, traditionally, crowds have made it difficult to obtain adequate signal. Event sponsors will benefit from the ability to monitor real-time viewer feedback, giving them a better idea of what holds an audience’s attention and what might make them lose interest.

Richer, More Interactive B2B Product Demos

Millennial workers are increasingly involved in B2B purchasing decisions. This generation has been found to conduct a majority of its research online before making a purchase or even speaking to a sales rep. It is important that digital touchpoints convey detailed, compelling information that helps instill confidence in customers’ purchasing decisions, even if they are simply browsing your website or discovering your brand through social media.

B2C retailers have already embraced the trend of enriching the online shopping experience by adding multimedia to their product pages. For example, Zappos, includes detailed videos of people demonstrating and wearing the shoes while explaining each pair’s features. B2B companies stand to benefit from similar strategies, especially now that customers will be able to stream high-quality videos with virtually no lag time. Videos that feature products being used by professionals out in the field can add context that makes the items far more appealing than if they were listed in the pages of a catalog.

Additionally, lightning-fast download speeds will give marketers the ability to create richer, more engaging product demonstrations, complete with high-quality images, interactive slides, and live Q&A sessions. These features, along with marketers’ ability to capture information about viewers in real time, can help companies present their products in the best possible light, regardless of where customers are in the sales funnel.

The transition from 4G to 5G will broaden B2B marketers’ opportunities to reach, communicate with, and educate prospects as well as nurture meaningful, ongoing relationships with their clients. Companies that capitalize on the ability to create and disseminate robust, eye-catching content to a wider audience will truly stand out among their competitors. And marketers that properly harness the ability continuously collect data and respond to customers’ preferences will be better equipped to provide the level of customer service necessary to compete within today’s experience economy.

Paul Heald is CEO and co-founder of BrightTALK


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