7 Reasons Brands Fall Short in Fulfilling Brand Promises

Posted on by Patty Odell

Consumers want to know that if a brand makes a promise, it keeps it. And if it doesn’t, that consumer will move on to a brand that will. This brand promise is ever more important today as brand promisesought after Millennials seek out, and are loyal to, brands that promote a mission or cause that makes the world a better place.

A mere 50% of consumers actually believe that a brand will deliver what they promise. Even more distressing, only 27% of employees believe they deliver on that promise. So, yes, there is work to do.

This article from Brand Strategy Insider outlines seven ways that brands fall short in keeping those promises. For example, a simple delay in fulfilling the brand promise can turn off consumers, so it’s important to have a strategy, plan and timeline in place to make it happen. Read the article …

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