Holiday Film Reminds Us Life’s Too Short to Not Spend Time with Friends

Posted on by Patty Odell

Through a four-minute film, Pernod Ricard distilled liqueur brand Ruavieja reminds us that we all don’t know how much time we have left to share with family and friends.

In the film pairs of friends, partners and family members meet in a sparse setting with just two chairs. They reconnect and reflect on how often they get to see each other. Each pair then learns how much time that actually amounts to for the rest of their lives. Their reactions are emotional as they realize the numbers are nowhere near what they expected.

Using the call to action, #WeHaveToSeeMoreOfEachOther, the message in this holiday campaign from Leo Burnett Madrid is to put away the screens and phones and to spend more time with those that truly matter to you, not just during the holidays—and, along the way, celebrate that love and friendship with a glass of Ruavieja.

“We’re convinced that a society where people care about how they bond with others is a better place to live in,” said brand manager Kerman Romeo.

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As part of the campaign, a tool was creating for calculating the time we have left to spend with the people we love. Hosted on an experiential website,, the algorithm raises awareness of how valuable our relationships really are.

“The best ideas are those capable of changing behaviors and sometimes even the way we live,” Leo Burnett Madrid creative director Juan Garcia-Escudero saus. “If we can get people to do all they possibly can to see more of each other, we will have done something worthwhile.”

The film has already garnered more than 12m views on YouTube, 1.3m views on Twitter with 2.5k retweets, nearly 685k views on Facebook with 17k shares and has been featured in nearly every major news outlet in the country, the agency said.


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