July’s Top 10 B2B Stories

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Miss any news while you were watching the waves roll in? Take a moment and catch up with our 10 most popular B2B marketing stories from July.

Stop Oversimplifying B2B Marketing: It’s Fundamentally Different From B2C
Why is there a deluge of headlines urging B2B marketers to think more like B2C brands? The B2B sales process is inherently different from B2C, and marketing that fails to reflect this will not succeed.

B2B Marketers Need to Improve Website Engagement: Forrester
B2B marketers have a long way to go when it comes to creating engaging websites, according to a new report from Forrester. Investment, semiconductor and medical product firms fared the worst in the Forrester report, showing a lack of support community/peer interactions and a dearth of substantiated case studies.

3 Tips for Connecting With B2B Buyers
B2B buyers are waiting longer and longer to connect with vendors. This makes becoming part of the conversation as early as possible in their consideration process crucial. Here’s how Eaton, ON24 and Wells Fargo are making it happen.

It’s All About Feelings in New SAP TV Spot
SAP is a B2B pure play, but changing buying patterns have led the company to adapt B2C marketing practices to connect with decision makers. “There has been a very significant evolution in the way B2B buyers expect to interact and what they want to hear from the brands they partner with,” says Alicia Tillman, global CMO.

Masters of Measurement 2019
What do marketers have in common with werewolves? They’re both constantly on the lookout for a silver bullet.  But unlike lycanthropes, marketers want to get hit, because the silver bullet they’re in search of is the secret to marketing measurement. Learn the measurement secrets of brands like Ellie Mae, Bacardi, Eaton and more in this new special report.

Scavenger Hunt Helps Johnson & Johnson Open Eyes
Acuvue Oasys with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology was named one of Time magazine’s best inventions of 2018, so J&J wanted to create an experience that was just as innovative to launch the product. Enter The Light Symposium, a scavenger hunt that brought the product to life for eye care professionals.

A Recession Is Coming—Is Your Talent Strategy Built to Last?
Marketing agencies and departments suffer greatly during tough times, and if this next recession is anything like the last, marketers could be in for a rough couple of years. Fortunately, marketing leaders have plenty of time to prepare themselves—and their teams.

Timing Matters in Email Marketing: Report
Looking at over 30 billion emails across 4.2 million campaigns sent last year, a new report from Campaign Monitor found that Tuesday was best for clickthrough rates, while campaigns sent on Mondays showed the lowest bounce rates.

Better B2B Video: 6 Key Tips
Looking to improve your B2B video marketing strategy? Here are six tips for creating a better video strategy to convert viewers into buyers.

IEX CMO Kate Gunning on Why B2B Brands Need to Show AND Tell
Sure, it can be great to tell your brand’s story. But an even better approach is to bring it alive for customers and prospects, says Kate Gunning, new CMO of Investors Exchange (IEX).  “Actions speak louder than words. As marketers, our big opportunity is to demonstrate the brands that we’re telling the story for, rather than just telling the brand’s purpose.”


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