2004 Globes Winners

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For the second year in a row, a World Cup tie-in has taken the top Globe award given by the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide. The Gran Prix Globe went to a Pepsi campaign that aligned the brand with India’s World Cup cricket fever while driving sales and protecting the beverage manufacturer’s share of a slipping segment. Given in October at the MAA’s annual meeting, the Gran Prix was accepted by J. Walter Thompson/India.

In addition to the top prize, 16 Globes and 62 Gold, Silver and Bronze winners were announced. These awards honor outstanding promotion, event, entertainment, sports and direct marketing campaigns drawn from marketing competitions in their home countries; those from the U.S. are finalists in PROMO’s PRO Awards. (The 2004 PRO Award winners will be announced in Chicago at a gala dinner during PROMO Expo later this month. Historically, PRO and Globe judges have not always chosen the same winners from the pool of finalists.)

This year’s Globes competition drew 333 campaigns from 24 countries. Campaigns were scored on originality, execution, performance and concept.

Gran Prix & Best Tie-In or Sponsorship Campaign

Agency: J. Walter Thompson, India

Client: Pepsi-Cola

Cricket in India is not just a sport; it’s a religion, and the only one common to a country so diverse. The World Cup was the biggest sporting event of 2003, with the entire nation looking forward to it. Cricket is one of Pepsi’s biggest platforms in India, so WC 2003 posed an opportunity for the leading cola brand to win with the country’s culture of youth.

Pepsi mounted a campaign that aligned its brand with World Cup fever. Changing its colors to match India’s Team Blue and turning out 2.5 million souvenir bottles for WC03, Pepsi deployed an array of big-brand tie-ins, sponsorships and below-the-line initiatives such as contests, instant-wins, music CDs, pub screenings, Team India merchandise and more. Volume increased by 24 points in Q1 and upped Pepsi’s share by two points in the sluggish winter season.

Best Multi-Discipline Campaign

Agency: Arc Worldwide, USA

Client: United Airlines

Chicago-based United Airlines faced increasing competition from newer, low-fare carriers flying from the Windy City to various leisure destinations. United reclaimed its share of that business via Ted (from UniTED), a low-fare alternative launched in Spring 2004. The idea was to go after price-conscious leisure travelers while maintaining an image of vitality among media, the financial community and employees. Ted’s strategy was to be seen as a more relaxed component of a larger airline, at once more fun and service-oriented than any other low-priced option.

Thus evolved the “Random Acts of Ted,” with Ted-themed advertising, signage, sponsorships, merchandise, activities and events popping up at odd and not-so-odd places all over town. Meanwhile a host of grassroots activities turned out small but noticeable good deeds — like giving away free (Ted-branded) ice cream, movie passes, newspapers, transit passes, flowers, beads, oranges and coffee and gasoline vouchers — generated a season-long buzz in Chicago’s culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Results: 57 million media impressions, 105,000 in-person contacts and lots of fully loaded Ted flights all summer long.

Best Use of Direct Marketing

Agency: Wunderman, USA

Client: The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

“Catch Me If You Can” was an online game designed to change perceptions and portray the accounting profession as an attractive career opportunity for young people. Sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, its appearance was timed to coincide with the current public interest in various detection and investigative processes, as evidenced by the popularity of such TV shows as CSI and Law & Order.

Capitalizing on the high profile of forensic accounting in the news, the idea was part of a five-year AICPA effort to identify and increase the number of accounting majors and candidates for CPA certification. “Catch Me” got junior and senior-high students to step into the shoes of a CPA and sleuth their way through 12 intriguing financial crimes. Cash prizes went to top players. Results: 32,000 responses, 13,822 registrations and 6,384 leads for a career path that many of them might not have ever considered.

Most Innovative Idea or Concept

Agency: Promarket, Israel

Client: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola met and vastly exceeded its objectives — purchase frequency and brand loyalty — with a Woodstock-scale festival during the summer of 2003 that transformed the beaches of Nitzanim, an upscale seaside resort, into a setting for the largest live music event in Israeli history. Coke’s Music Village, complete with amphitheater and newly paved parking for thousands of cars, showcased dozens of stars and warm-up bands performing a variety of music for an energetic audience of 100 thousand young people.

A year in the making, the “My Music”-themed 20-day event was open to those presenting 15 Coke-bottle caps at the gates. Besides live musical performances all day, there was football, volleyball, sunbathing, a pub and a giant beachfront café, plus tattoos, hair-plaiting and jewelry stalls and dancing until 6 a.m. Support included TV spots, live radio, print ads, P-O-P displays, streaming Web-based audio and video music, online lotteries and auctions, a Pop-Star Contest on TV and cellphone-based text-messaging games.

Best Use of Interactive Media

Agency: Proximity Xperience, Portugal

Client: Galp Energia

Galp, a major petrol distributor in Portugal, managed to outwit some of its customers and increase the frequency and continuity of their purchases with a biometric recognition system that prevents them from “gaming” promotional offers via the use of other peoples’ transactions to increase their chances of winning prizes. Galp’s (and other distributors) problem: a few people were amassing more rewards than they are entitled to.

The new system had participants “register” their names and fingerprints on a P-O-P device inside the station, after which they merely had to touch the scanner to pay for fuel, tally points or enter the draw. Galp put a positive spin on the change by underscoring the personal recognition factor and the fact that the customer instantly learns whether and what he might have won. By the end of two months, 88% of those who had registered had made three or more purchases.

Most Effective Long-Term Marketing Campaign

Agency: Lowe, Thailand

Client: Cerebos

In Thailand, BRAND’S Essence of Chicken is associated with the rigors of study, especially during academic exams. To maintain the connection, Cerebos sponsored its 15th annual “BRAND’S Summer Camp” in 2003, providing 20,000 to 30,000 lower-income high-school graduates the opportunity to review key sections of the tests with teachers and tutors at a 10-day course at Kasetsart University in Bangkok. The campaign, which runs from January to March each year, is one of the company’s most successful brand builders.

The program provides a set of textbooks, written by the teachers themselves, with sections dedicated to various subjects, which the teachers, who serve for little or no pay, go over with their students. Students register on-line, where they receive a special code, which, along with the cap from any BRAND’s product, entitles them to the books, free of charge. This year, thanks to H.M. the King, the program expanded onto television and the Internet. Every year the Camp loses money, but from a long-term perspective, nothing matches it for reinforcing brand awareness.

Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness & Trial Recruitment

Agency: Developed In-House

Client: Yahoo! Inc., USA

Yahoo! Inc. created a powerful media-worthy campaign that not only drove traffic to the portal’s online Personals section, but also got thousands of eligible singles to create personal profiles and subscribe to the company’s online dating service. “Julie,” the star of the campaign, lived in an actual billboard above Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood for three days last January. Her living area had all the comforts of home, including a wireless Internet connection and a great space for entertaining. It was here that she ate, exercised, got coiffed by the pros, charmed the media, searched for interesting men on Yahoo! Personals, and ultimately invited a few up to the billboard for a date. She invited a total of eight men up for dates and then selected her favorite to return for a grand finale date. ”Live Julie” TV was broadcast for 12-hours a day, uncut, and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide tuned in to share in her dating journey while experiencing first-hand what it’s like to use Yahoo! Personals to meet and connect with quality individuals. Unique visitors to Yahoo! Personals were up 44% year over year; the Julie Web site received 680,000 views in three days; Yahoo! Personals profiles were up 250% from the previous year; and Yahoo! Personals subscriptions increased 199% 2003. Julie received over 1,000 emails and online messages in three days.

Best Activity Generating Brand Volume

Agency: The Sales Machine, Argentina

Client: Diario Clarin

Argentina’s main daily newspaper Clarín got Argentines to buy more copies of the Sunday edition with a promotion that incorporated an instant win game while supporting the values and traditions of the country. The Second National Clarín Truco Contest was wrapped around the popular game of Truco, a traditional Argentine card game. Each one of the newspaper’s Sunday magazines included three playing cards hidden within the flap of the publication that the reader held on to. On Mondays, Clarín published three cards. Readers whose cards from the Sunday edition were better than those printed on Monday won new cars, home appliances, grocery store gift certificates and vacations, and were also automatically entered into a sweepstakes to win $100,000.

Clarín supported the program via “Truco” contests held live in the main summer vacation locations on the beach. The program generated a newspaper sales increase of 20%.

Best Activity Generating Brand Loyalty

Agency: Agosin, Chile

Client: Nike

Nike introduced its new Total 90 soccer clothing product line to males ages 12 to 20 by tapping into their passion for soccer. Nike kicked the campaign off with a press conference where it introduced its newest Air Zoom soccer shoes. On hand was Chile’s national soccer team — eager to answer questions and demo the shoe via actual soccer drills with the media. Reporters could win Total 90 apparel prizes for their efforts. Nike supported the program with trivia contests held inside Santiago’s main theatre (where the new Nike spots aired), as well as via soccer clinics held in-store, at Nike-branded soccer activities held during half-time of one of the most important soccer games of the season, during in-school events and via local Nike-sponsored soccer tournaments.

Total 90 used its Web site to tout the details of the available prizes and displayed a calendar of local soccer-themed events. Nike also invited more than 2,000 to the Soccer stadium to watch two major professional games (Chile vs. Venezuela and Chile vs. Brazil). For a four-week period between May and June, more than 5,000 kids played against each other. The program generated more than 150 million media impressions.

Best Business-to-Business Campaign

Agency: MK10 Marketing Promocional, Brazil

Client: Motorola

In the race for market leadership in the mobile phone segment in Brazil, Motorola was aggressively investing in the research and launch of several novelty handsets. The problem was that the company was not effectively communicating their availability — and their benefits — in an efficient and timely manner. Motorola, concerned it was going to miss an opportunity to educate the trade about the benefits of the new handsets, devised an offer that was too good for retailers to ignore.

Motorola sent retailers special welcome kits during the final stage of each handset’s development to ensure its timely arrival. The kits clearly highlighted the major attributes and positioning of each handset, while offering them free handsets and phone accessories in exchange for simply trying them out. The key was to keep them happy by rewarding them every time they demoed a new Motorola accessory. The program increased the retailers’ perception that Motorola was on the cutting edge of technology and gave them the opportunity to test the handsets before the final POP packaging was even produced. Motorola’s market share in the mobile phone segment jumped from 25% in 2002 to 34% in 2003.

Best Retail Account-Specific or Channel Marketing Activity

Agency: Claydon, Heeley, Jones & Mason, England

Client: Selfridges & Co

Selfridges & Co., a London-based retailer, introduced its new Birmingham store by turning window-shoppers into actual shoppers. The department store focused on the store’s unique architecture, its “Now See Inside” advertising message and a community-oriented promotion that would create a buzz surrounding the store’s launch.

Birmingham residents were asked to help the department store “find the face to launch a landmark.” Then, for the 10 days before Opening Day, Selfridges encouraged people to have their photos taken either in front of the actual store or in front of one of the branded vans driving around the city. The photos were uploaded daily to the store’s micro-site and a “people’s vote” decided who would appear in the store ads and who would win a £1,000 shopping spree with a personal shopper. Support included PR and the distribution of coupon books that locals could redeem inside the store. After it opened, the store held a massive photo exhibition of all the photos taken of the Birmingham residents. More than 64,000 people readily supplied their data, visited the Web site and came to the store, most making more than one purchase in September.

Best Dealer or Salesforce Activity

Agency: 141 Worldwide, USA

Client: Callaway Golf

The Callaway Golf Great Shots Sales Associates Sweepstakes leveraged the energy of the retailer sales force to drive incremental sales of Callaway Golf’s high-value clubs in a critical selling season. By capturing the passion that golfers have for the game and providing an opportunity for sales associates to fulfill a dream, this campaign maximized a push-pull strategy and resulted in sales exceeding expectations.

The sweepstakes worked in tandem with a consumer contest to offer a comprehensive program leveraging the brand equity of the Pebble Beach golf course. The Callaway Golf Great Shots Contest provided players with a strong, compelling incentive to purchase Great Big Bertha II Drivers and Fairway Woods. Results: 77-percent participation by “elite” retailers and a significant increase in incremental profits.

Best Brand-Building Campaign

Agency: Strateco-Blitz & Fuel Industries, Canada

Client: Panasonic Canada

Getnlucky.com was an interactive game promoting sales of Panasonic cordless phones. A story was depicted online and revealed the product’s usability and functions. Hidden online interactive elements led to chat groups being formed creating buzz to help players through the site. Irreverent copywriting was directed at the youth market, with (censored) racy content playing off such pop-culture trends as reality TV and dating shows. At the end of each episode players received points redeemable at Puretracks.com.

Unfolding in eight episodes, the story had a ‘reality-like’ feel and brought return visits to the site each week for five weeks. Tie-ins with Universal Music and Puretracks.com provided added entertainment value. The game offered 2,600 instant prizes. For a budget of $150,000, Getnlucky.com media campaign delivered 21,734,174 impressions across all mediums of cinema ads, university posters and online media.

Best Cause/Charity Marketing Campaign

Agency: Spy Istanbul, Turkey

Client: Brisa

The purpose of “My Lights Are On” was to raise awareness and build market share for Bridgestone tires by promoting public safety. The idea was to get drivers to keep their headlights turned on in the daytime to prevent accidents. To humanize the concept, a dog named Findik was invented whose job it was to motivate parents — a solution to the problem of differentiating this brand from the boring black world of tires.

“Tell dad to turn headlights on as you get in the car,” was Findik’s message to kids in thousands of coloring books distributed by team visits to kindergartens, at McDonald’s restaurants and at Shell stations. Another premium: a “Light-Cleanser” cloth to keep headlights clean and bright. Daytime Running Light (DRL) Hunters intercepted and rewarded DRL drivers at Shell stations in five cities, and the winner of a phone-in contest got a trip to a (Bridgestone-sponsored) Formula One race. Result: 300,000 kids and 200,000 drivers got premiums and DRL usage was up 25%.

Best Event Marketing Campaign

Agency: Mr. Youth LLC, USA

Client: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret launched a youth-oriented brand extension called “Pink” earlier this year and supported it with a campaign that created tremendous word-of-mouth buzz among the target audience with a one-market stunt held in Miami’s South Beach during Spring Break. The new brand targeted women ages 18-to-24.

The retailer constructed a giant three-story pink gift box on the beach near bustling Ocean Drive. The goal was to pique the curiosity of the thousands of college kids who swarm the beaches during the busy vacation period. A sign on the side of the box read “When The Countdown Ends, The Party Begins,” and included a clock. “Team Pink” then spent five days blitzing the beach, passing out more than 100,000 promotion pieces with mysterious messaging hyping the “big event” at the end of the countdown. Local hotels were retrofitted in Pink and branded scooters whisked Team Pink up and down the beach asking, “What’s inside the Pink Box?” When the clock neared zero, a fleet of Pink- branded Hummers ascended upon the Pink box. Supermodels ran into a secret entranceway of the box among a hoard of photographers. When the clock struck zero, the gift box opened to a live fashion show unveiling the Pink line. A live concert followed. The launch generated more than 24 million impressions; Miami-area retail outlets enjoyed triple-digit week-over-week sales increases across all major Pink product lines; and the brand reached more than 100,000 Spring Break college students in Miami.

Best Small Budget Campaign

Agency: Eskadra BTL, Poland

Client: PTK Centertel – IDEA

PTK Centertel targeted IDEA salespeople with a direct marketing program reinforcing the benefits of MMS service and getting them to sell more PTK Centertel IDEA phones. The first step was to hit them up with a series of “hand-written” letters that stated a particular customer’s loyalty to the brand, but also his dissatisfaction with certain product attributes and limitations. Each letter looked like it had been sent by an actual IDEA customer, when in reality, each was written by a seasoned copywriter. One customer wrote that he hoped IDEA would introduce something new to give him more advanced digital options for his phone. Two days later, after IDEA announced the availability of MMS, that same “customer” wrote a letter expressing his gratitude that IDEA had acted so quick.

Entrants from 24 countries made it to the finalist round of the Globe Awards this year. Below are listed those campaigns that were recognized as Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

Best Multi-Discipline Campaign

Gold: “Thrill Seeker,” Momentum Worldwide, Sydney, Australia

Silver: “AOL Concert For Schools,” Momentum Worldwide, USA

Bronze: “Your World, Your Way, Your Coke,” Lowe, Thailand

Best Sponsorship or Tie-In Campaign

Gold: “Thrill Seeker,” Momentum Worldwide, Australia

Silver: “Project Goalie — Don Cherry NHL Playoff Hockey Promotion,” Capital C Communications, Canada

Bronze: “The Most Reliable Player,” Velocity Sports & Entertainment, USA

Best Use of Direct Marketing

Gold: “Zen Garden,” Euro RSCG 4D, Argentina

Silver: “Do It the Smart Way,” Target Market Group, Israel

Bronze: “Commitment Challenged,” Arc Worldwide, USA

Most Innovative Idea or Concept

Gold: “Thrill Seeker,” Momentum Worldwide, Australia

Silver: “Butterflies Are Free,” Capital C Communications, Canada

Silver: “HSBC BankCab,” Renegade Marketing Group, USA

Best Use of Interactive Media

Gold: “Catch Me If You Can,” Wunderman, USA

Silver: “dugg.ca,” The Marketing Store, Canada

Silver: “MyEnjoyZone.com,” Virtual Marketing, India

Most Effective Long-Term Marketing Campaign

Gold: “Kellogg’s EET & ERN,” Draft, USA

Silver: “Crime Let’s Bring it Down,” The Yellow Submarine, England

Silver: “Unilever Business Forum,” Target Market Group, Israel

Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness & Trial Recruitment

Gold: “Say Hello to Ted,” Arc Worldwide, USA

Silver: “Axe Pulse Launch,” Draft, Indonesia

Bronze: “Marshmellow Peeps Fun Bus Tour,” Marketing Werks, USA

Best Activity Generating Brand Volume

Gold: “Nescafe Gold Blend — Love Actually,” Billington Cartmell, England

Silver: “The Water Genie,” Meyer Action Marketing, Argentina

Bronze: “Nestle e Voce Junta Brasil,” Sight Momentum, Brazil

Best Activity Generating Brand Loyalty

Gold: “BRAND’S Summer Camp,” Lowe, Thailand

Silver: “Nestle e Voce Junta Brasil,” Sight Momentum, Brazil

Silver: “Slim-Fast Challenge,” The J. Brown Agency, USA

Best Business-to-Business Campaign

Gold: “For Leaders Only,” Eric Mower & Associates, USA

Silver: “Unilever Business Forum,” Target Market Group, Israel

Bronze: “ESPN Horseshoes,” Tequila, Singapore

Best Retail Account-Specific or Channel Marketing Activity

Gold: “Butterflies Are Free,” Capital C Communications, Canada

Silver: “Slim-Fast Challenge,” The J. Brown Agency, USA

Bronze: “Ariel Championship Whites,” Lifestyle Incentives, England

Best Dealer or Salesforce Activity

Gold: “Watch the Match With Becks,” FRESH, England

Silver: “Spin City,” Iris Promotional Marketing, England

Best Brand-Building Campaign

Gold: “Say Hello to Ted,” Frankel, USA

Silver: “Kellogg’s Special K Ball,” Blue Chip Marketing, England

Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign

Gold: “Walker’s Comic Relief,” The Marketing Store, England

Silver: “Angels in Action,” DVC Worldwide, USA

Bronze: Purolator Tackle Hunger,” The GEM Group, Canada

Best Event Marketing Campaign

Gold: “Summer of Coca-Cola,” Promarket, Israel

Silver: “Runto,” TrojanOne, Canada

Bronze: “Animal Attraction,” Haygarth, England

Best Small Budget Campaign

Gold: “Mad Chickens,” Pavone, USA

Silver: “Motolancamentos,” MK10 Marketing Promocional, Brazil

Bronze: “PromoBaby,”World Marketing, Mexico

Awards were presented in Miami, FL, during the Marketing Agency Association (MAA) Worldwide’s 31st annual fall meeting. MAA members are principals, partners and presidents of marketing agencies.


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