How to Create a Custom GPT for Email, ChatBots and Improved Workflows

Posted on by Scott Bartnick

AI-driven applications have quickly become a must-have tool in the marketing and PR world. Whether it is using ChatGPT to compose content, Zoom AI Companion to take meeting notes, or Shortwave to stay on top of your daily deluge of email messages, artificial intelligence provides the power needed to unlock new levels of business efficiency.

However, AI is still in its infancy, which means many of the solutions on the market are engineered for the masses. While they might address general business challenges, they may not address your specific business needs.

To bridge that gap, some businesses are developing customized AI solutions designed to leverage their unique business data for intelligent automations. One example of this approach is training Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT, models on customized knowledge bases.

For more on building a GPT for your brand, personalizing a chatbot and creating email assistants, read the full piece in PRNEWS.


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