The B2B Top 10 for March

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Vector geometric seamless patternIn case you missed them, here are Chief Marketer’s top 10 B2B stories for March 2017.

1. 5 Common Mistakes in B2B Digital Ad Campaigns
A successful B2B digital marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts, including an engaging website, SEO, blogs, email marketing, content and much more. Avoid these five common mistakes that can directly impact your B2B digital ROI.

2. How Big Data Can Improve B2B Lead Gen
In B2B lead gen, sales and marketing are often bickering about the fact that neither understands the other’s needs. The truth, of course, is somewhere in the middle. Better analytics can help.

3. Chief Marketer’s Exclusive B2B Lead Gen Survey
In our latest B2B lead gen research, learn the challenges B2B marketers are facing—and the opportunities they’re missing, including which channels produce the best ROI, the most successful content formats, and the biggest hurdles in lead attribution.

4. VR Helps Aqua Pharmaceuticals Get Under Dermatologists’ Skin
Aqua Pharmaceuticals is using virtual reality (VR) to make dermatologists feel young again—that is, young as in teenage, awkward and self-conscious.

5. Customer Data Management: What Really Matters
Customer acquisition, retention and segmentation are the areas where the decisions will be driven by analytics the most. However, 51% of companies lack quantitative metrics to demonstrate marketing spending impact.

6. PURLs Engage Nationwide and Yodle Direct Mail Recipients
Everyone is the star of their own movie, and personalized URLs are one way to put direct mail prospects’ names in lights. Read how PURLs are helping brands like Nationwide and Yodle connect with B2B prospects in the mail, and drive traffic online

7. Marketers’ Most Wanted: Manufacturers
In the Most Wanted series, Chief Marketer looks at the top demographic segments marketers should be targeting in 2017. In this installment, read how brands like ClarkDietrich are connecting with B2B buyers.

8. Why B2B Marketers Need AR and VR Solutions
Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tech can move B2B prospects from their risk-averse, skeptical positions and show them what their world would look like after they have adopted your solutions.

9. ABM Helps Engage B2B Buyers
Early results of a survey on ABM trends by Scratch and demandDrive show that a little over a third of B2B companies have an ABM program in place, and 17% are in the process of launching one. Not surprisingly, respondents said that marketing was the strongest driver in their organization for ABM, with sales coming in second, followed by the c-suite.

10. Hey Sexy—Words B2B Marketers Don’t Often Hear
Let’s face it: On the surface, getting a B2B enterprise off the ground just doesn’t seem as exciting as a consumer start-up. But many—such as Sock Club—are coming around to the allure of B2B after stumbling in their attempts to get a B2C venture off the ground.



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