ADP Canada Uses PR to Change the B2B Conversation

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros
Infographics helped generate brand awareness for ADP Canada.
Infographics helped generate brand awareness for ADP Canada.

For many marketers, particularly in B2B, PR is what you do when something bad happens. But as ADP Canada found, PR is also a great way to build brand awareness.

The company is best known as a payroll solution provider, but it also offers many human resources services. “We wanted to reposition our brand,” says Elizabeth Williams, former director of brand and communications, ADP Canada. “We had done a lot of traditional marketing and it was sort of working, but in awareness surveys people said they were having trouble getting off the payroll script.”

Williams shared how ADP repositioned itself as an authority on the Canadian workforce at B2B LeadsCon’s Connect to Convert in New York.

The brand noticed that no one was offering content around what it is like to be a white collar worker in Canada, particularly relating to issues of benefits and productivity. On a small budget, ADP Canada conducted research surrounding the feelings of Canadian workers and distributed it as infographics and other engaging formats.

“We suddenly got tons of media and a lot of uptick in website traffic,” she says. “Restoring the role of PR in the broader marketing mix gave us a lot of credibility.”

Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams

Williams’ team worked closely with the PR and website teams to create the right messages and monitor whether content was being read and downloaded. The sales team was looped into the conversation as well, to make sure materials would help inform their conversations with customers and prospects.

“Everything we created led back to one of our products,” she notes. “The sales people like it, because the infographics were things they could share and use as a quick visual on mobile.”

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