Harnessing the Power of Video for Customer Service: 5 Tips

Posted on by Sean Gordon

Video is great for creating social engagement, but it can also be a powerful customer service tool. Here’s five ideas for using video to help maximize customer experience with your product or service.

1- Product Resource Library
Customers often need quick, simple answer to a product or service question and don’t necesssary want to engage a live human to get it. A video memory bank of documentation can be a go-to resurce for the most frequently asked questions about certain products or company details. It can also include more in-depth instructions for completing certain common tasks or troubleshooting issues. It’s a customer self-serve station, and video can be the focal point in creating a true-to-life customer experience in this setting.

Of course, it isn’t one-stop shop. Some people may not find an audio component useful while self-serving (it may be distracting), and in some cases video isn’t always necessary. Simply scanning through text step-by-steps may fair better at times, so consider including video transcripts beneath your articles.

This entire process is a great customer service supplement that you can tout when trying to sell customers on follow-up support for your product, offering this knowledge base as just one more service they’re receiving as a customer. They’re not terribly complicated videos to create either; a tablet with a video content management software that includes a teleprompter feature will get the job done.

2- Tech Support Video Messaging
People love having a face to go with a name. It’s easier to further client relationships when visual elements are involved. When you can evaluate body language and determine cues to direct a conversation, relationships will certainly benefit.

When available, always offer video messaging options (particularly if you know it’s going to be a support call). If you have a platform that can catalog the call, this gives the customer the opportunity to go back later and revisit tech information if they want to troubleshoot on their own.

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3- Customer Testimonials
Testimonials are an awesome and proven way to attract to clientele into your funnel. But what about sharing customer success stories with other customers? The point of this type of system is to let customers in and get a feel for what other options are out there within your product and service line. It’s a great way to upsell in an indirect, growth-influenced manner and it will help your customers see the full picture of appreciating your products.

Meet with some of your favorite customers and see if they’d be willing to share a few words on how they use your products and to speak on the relationship they have with your team. You can use the latter for captivating your prospects and the former to share with current customers, making the most of the opportunity.

4- Meeting the Whole Team
People love working with people and getting a feel for everyone that’s behind the scenes. For many companies, the account management team may be the only personnel that the customer is familiar with after the initial sale, and this relationship may just be with one account manager (and it may stay strictly over the phone or through email).

Open the doors and invite your customers in. After all, they’re a part of your company’s family now, right? Brand your introduction video as the entirety of your company representing your “Customer Success Team,” a sort of superteam created to help your clients achieve their goals. This type of video is the perfect way to add a touch of character to your relationships and give your customers a better feel and comfort level for who they’re dealing with. The relationship will go from being less robotic to much more trusting, which is ultimately better for everyone involved.

5- Customer Webinars for the Astute Clientele
Once your customers have become familiar with your products and services, they’re simply going to be at a different knowledge level than that of their prospect-level counterparts. To keep them engaged and included, invite a small handful of customers to dive deeper with a niche topic in a customer webinar.

Together, the group can discuss best-practices, demonstrate troubleshooting in greater depth, open up to questions in real time and let your customers get the absolute most of your products. You may even consider having a guest, such as a production engineer, give a “behind the scenes” look at a certain product of their expertise so that your customers can hear the technical background of how your products are created. Once completed, consider editing the webinar recording into shorter videos to include in your knowledge library or elsewhere.

Sean Gordon is the founder of vidREACH.


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