Tech Brands Go Beyond Short Form Video

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros
wistia video
Wistia’s series explores the use of creativity in videos.

Ready for your close-up? More and more marketers are, as tech companies create branded shows and films to engage audiences with their brands’ video content.

As Jay Acunzo writes on TechCrunch, the trend makes sense, because the imperative today for brands isn’t just to get consumers attention, but to hold onto it.

“If you’re willing to make the investment in some serialized, engaging content, rather than a bunch of disconnected pieces, you can start thinking in terms of hours spent with your company as opposed to ideas like impressions,” Dan Mills, creative director at video software company Wistia told Acunzo.

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Wistia debuted a documentary series this fall called “One, Ten, One Hundred.” The series—which explores creativity and videos—is a partnership with video agency Sandwich, whose client line-up includes Facebook and Uber.

Digital design platform used a documentary called “Design Disruptors” and a film created with IBM called “The Loop” to illustrate problems designers have with creating a sense of identity in their profession.

“We went out and talked to our best customers,” Clark Valberg, CEO and co-founder of InVision told TechCrunch.. “They had a lot more to tell us than just what they were doing with our products. There was a movement [in the field of product design], and they all felt it. They all understood their role within the company and their company’s role in the formation of this new market called digital product design.”

Creating longer films and series have benefits for brands that short, one-off videos can’t give, writes Acunzo. Holding a viewers attention for hours rather than minutes creates a level of intimacy similar to an in-person meeting. And, series can provide content that marketing teams can mine for social posts, blog articles, newsletters and other content-hungry channels.

And, shows create word-of-mouth and can help subscriber lists thrive. “After all,” he notes, “it’s far more powerful to say to a visitor, ‘Get the next episode,’ than, ‘Subscribe for alerts’.”



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