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Ahh, summertime. Did a week at the beach pull you away from the daily grind last month? Did you go dark during your vacation to Europe? Or, perhaps you slipped into dreamland while at work. Fear not, we have what you may have missed. Here are the top 10 most widely read B2C articles published by Chief Marketer last month to keep you in the know.

most widely read articles1. The Digital Crossover Between Marketing and Technology

2. Millennials Teach Us How to be Marketers

3. MasterCard Hits a Home Run with MLB Sponsorship

4. Leveraging the Power of Digital Influencers

5. The Transformation of Digital Marketing: 10 Trends

6. Hacks, Fake Photos and Chatbots Disrupt Competitors

7. How to Strategize Local Marketing Campaigns

8. Coke’s New Mobile Bot Communicates with Vending Machines

9. T-Mobile’s CMO on Going Deep with the Home Run Derby

10. What You Need to Know from Mary Meeker’s Trends Report



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by Patty Odell

Damon Swenson, Brand Activation Manager at Dr Pepper, on crafting a retail program using custom labels tied to Millennials’ passion points and lifestyle interests like fashion, music and pop-culture. He presented his case study at Marketing to Millennials 2017.