Consumer Marketing

Making the Point with a Fast-Thinking Crowd

I recently spotted this headline on a convenience store billboard: "Our Coffee is Fresh or It's Free." Get real, I said to myself. I want it fresh or

Happy Feet

Alize. There is a good chance you haven't heard of it. It's a premium liquor that blends passion fruit with cognac. I can tell you Alize is delicious

Cause Marketing Snapshot

77 percent of U.S. consumers want companies to commit to a specific cause for a long time, instead of running short promos with several causes. (That's

Agencies Who’s News

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Executive Shuffle at Cyrk Cyrk, Inc. ceo Gregory Shlopak, who founded the company in 1976, resigned in what company officials termed a strategic reorganization.

McDonald’s Goes Buggy

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McDonald's just completed a bigger, better Happy Meal toys program as part of its tie-in with A Bug's Life, the second full-length feature film from Disney's

Reel Deals

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Sneak previews of film projects open to promo partnersTOY STORY 2 (Buena Vista Pictures) Estimated Release Date: November 1999 Starring: The voices of


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Mrs. Butterworth was hurting when Ed Yuhas met her. Aurora Foods hired him in 1997 to revive Mrs. B and its other "new" syrup brand, Log Cabin, bought

Better Rate Than Never

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BellSouth Long Distance, Atlanta, will work with a trio of partners to enter the prepaid phonecard market early next year. The national program will feature