Consumer Marketing


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Petite Sophisticate BUENOS AIRES - Gancia aperitif identified with the right crowd using a program that increased consumption of the brand at bars and

Neatness Still Counts

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The biggest reason shoppers give for picking a store to buy prepared food isn't the food's taste. Consumers say the No. 1 determinant for why they shop

Fox Hits the Fast Lane

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LOS ANGELES Fox will try to extend the tremendous brand loyalty of NASCAR down to its youngest audience when it creates a children's show based on the

Now Docking

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HOLLYWOOD The Titanic picks up two passengers for its trip to home video Sept. 1. Sprint and Max Factor will tie into the highest-grossing movie in history


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Ann Raider has a pair of slides in her "Brave New World" presentation that never fails to get her audience to sit up and take notice. The first one says:Today*

Promoting Responsibly Within the Law

Promotion marketing is under siege. Government officials and consumers alike have begun to take a hard look at the way that businesses employ sweepstakes,

I Scream You Scream

It's not often you get your best idea for a campaign before you've even pitched the account, but that's what happened when HB Ice Cream asked Creative

It Takes a Villager to Raise a Rugrat

Nickelodeon's Emmy Award-winning Rugrats animated series hits the big screen this Thanksgiving and the 1999 Mercury Villager is set to help it get around

Feeding the Ego

Faced with fierce competition and fading sales, Nabisco will try to revive its SnackWell's brand cookies and crackers with a new look, new theme, and