Best Practices for Video Content Marketing

Posted on by Patty Odell

Here’s a short list of 8 of the 20 best practices for deeper engagement for video content marketing.

  1. Put the Value Up Front Get to the point in the first 3 to 10 seconds or you risk losing the audiences’ interest, and don’t put the branding up front. Attention spans are short; you’ve got to hook people in.
  2. video content marketingThink Like a Publisher Take off your marketer’s hat and put on a publishers’. That will have you shifting from attitudes that typically drive marketers’ thinking to creating video content of value to the audience. Hire a journalist. They have expertise in creating publisher-like content and can make a smart addition to the talent pool.
  3. It’s not just about a Campaign Video content marketing has a much wider application than the idea of a campaign. It should include evergreen how-to content mixed with of-the-moment content to give the video a long shelf life.
  4. Make Video Regularly The idea of thinking like a publisher comes into play here too. Publishers regularly push out content to keep readers engaged. Video marketers should do the same to capture regular audience attention. Video content marketing is not a one-off, it needs to be part of the plan as you will see in the next tip.
  5. Be Consistent Tell the same story everywhere—video, TV ads, Facebook postings, even brand blog posts. Video content marketing should be woven into the fabric of overall larger campaigns with the same message even if told with different voices and details.
  6. Fit into the Larger World Videos about just your own products are just marketing. Videos that capture a larger idea will be more interesting to audience needs. Here’s an example using a lawnmower brand. Instead of just promoting the lawnmower, show how to choose among various types of lawnmowers and ideas about lawn care in general. It’s a balance between entertaining and getting your brand message across.
  7. Post Videos on YouTube By next year, more than 40% of U.S. companies will use YouTube for marketing purposes, according to eMarketer. There are a number of benefits here: brand channels offer a larger space to promote videos and YouTube’s search function helps people discover the content. Evergreen content works well here because it doesn’t go stale quickly.
  8. Embrace all Screens Developing video for mobile is less and less a special case. Video content is best when created for all screens, without artificial limits.

     Source: eMarketer  

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