• Core 1: Strategy and Social
  • Core 2: Games, Sweepstakes & Contests

  • Clients Include: eBay, Visa USA, Pinnacle Foods Group, Campbell Soup Co., VOSS Water
  • Website: http://www.tenthwave.com
  • Contact:

As its name implies, this 30-month-old agency strongly believes in the number 10. One of its core truths is that the 10 right people are all you need to move a brand forward. Also as its name implies, its focus is on digital with specialties in social. When they weren’t battling in co-ed football games for a dog-rescue charity, its growing team was launching eBay’s shopping app and managing a social media scavenger hunt for Duncan Hines. Tenthwave has its sights set on being a leader in real-time content delivery.