Conversion Optimization

  • Winning Category: Conversion Optimization
  • Campaign: Yesmail for Marriott Mobile Check-In
  • Client: Marriott Rewards
  • Technology Partner: Yesmail Interactive

The Lowdown: In order to have a bold and impactful launch of its innovative Mobile Check-In functionality, exclusive to Marriott Hotels in North America, the brand relied on email as the primary means to boost app downloads, increase awareness, and promote use of Mobile Check-In.

Marriott turned to Yesmail Interactive’s creative team before sending eight million dedicated emails to mobile and tech-savvy Marriott Rewards members in the U.S. and Canada.

Yesmail implemented responsive design techniques and as a result, the promotional campaign consisted of two designs coded in a single framework—one for desktop, and one for mobile. This dual function of the email allowed guests to read it on a larger desktop computer monitor or just as easily on a mobile device, with no need to pinch or zoom. Yesmail also streamlined the Marriott Rewards email using scalable design practices, namely stackable content sections (the message had two), while enlarging text to accommodate for small mobile screens.

Tailoring copy was also part of Yesmail’s mobile-first strategy. Only the most pertinent messaging was included and it was clearly focused on the key benefits of the Mobile Check-In offering. In addition, the “GET THE APP” buttons were dsigned to be “bulletproof,” so they could be read and clicked even with images turned off, thus catering to the different default settings of various operating systems. Yesmail leveraged the functionality of mobile devices so that when users clicked these calls-to-action, they could download the Marriott Mobile app via their respective device’s app store. If people clicked the other CTA, “Visit”, their mobile browser would take them to Marriott Hotels’ travel site.

Yesmail also incorporated a smartphone animation of the Mobile Check-In interface on the app that showcased Marriott’s new capability. This animation worked well on both iOS and Android devices, appealing to users with various operating systems.

Just a few days after the official Mobile Check-In launch, Marriott had more than 27,000 downloads in one day, and the ranking of Marriott Mobile in the iTunes app store increased to #1 in the Travel category (up from #25) and #47 overall (up from #938).