Pokemon Phenomenon

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Louisville, KY, will outfit its 5,000 stores with a fourth-quarter premium and sampling campaign tied to characters from what’s billed to be Nintendo’s hottest new video game, Pokemon.

Nintendo claims Pokemon is all the rage in Japan, and is poised to become a hit in the U.S. There are 150 Pokemon monsters, but KFC will host only four as beanbags given away with KFC chicken meals, or sold directly.

>From Nov. 15 through Jan. 3, kids will leave the Colonel’s with Pokemon >toys including coin pouches, puzzles, and tattoos. KFC supports with TV >and print ads. In-store displays will let consumers try Pokemon on Game >Boy systems. The joint effort is part of a $17 million marketing >partnership between Nintendo, Redmond, WA, and KFC.


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