How In-Page Analytics Can Help Improve Website Conversions: Q&A With ClickTale

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Using widely accepted best practices to tweak landing pages and websites in the hopes of boosting conversion rates isn’t a bad thing, but marketers can go beyond this. Rather than implementing lessons that other companies have gleaned, in-page analytics services enable companies to understand their specific users’ behavior in order to drive more educated, personalized changes. In other words, in-page analytics allows marketers to see the connection between user experience and conversions.

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To learn more about how in-page analytics can improve conversions and overall business, we asked David Davidoff, chief revenue officer (CRO) of ClickTale, some questions.

How would you describe the concept of “in-page analytics” in just one sentence?
In-page analytics shows you the impact of user experience on your conversion rates and online customer experience, turning behavior into business.

What do you think are the most significant or actionable pieces of information that can be gleaned from in-page analytics?
First and foremost, the reasons behind


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