Connecting With the Human Behind the Data

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

data humanEffective marketing starts with understanding the customer, and knowing what motivates them to consider a product and make a purchase. To be effective, marketers must be able to gain the right insights from their data, and connect those insights to the buyer.

“It all starts and ends with the human being behind the data,” said Jon Tallman, director of solutions architecture for FullContact, in a recent Chief Marketer special report. “We all have private and professional versions of ourselves, but we don’t proactively differentiate.”

It’s crucial for marketers to identify the gaps in their data and create a single customer view to enable true identity-based marketing, across all channels, to drive better ROI and increase lifetime value.

When consumers develop an affinity for a brand, they expect the brand to consistently offer them the right information in the right channel at the right time. A 360-view of the customer’s personal and professional data can be layered together to create a complete omnichannel view.

“They can connect more consistently, more authentically and more effectively,” says Scott Axcell, vp of marketing for FullContact. “When you know your customer as a person and know what their interests and affinities are, that data can be used to create better engagement.”

This can, of course, be challenging in a B2B environment where companies traditionally lead their communications by telling prospects about their product or service. B2C companies, on the other hand, are much more immersed in the psychology of how, when and why people buy. That means B2B brands have some catching up to do.

To learn more, join Jon Tallman and Pitney Bowes’ Mike Ashmore on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 11 am PT/2 pm ET for a free webinar—“Mind the Data Gap: How to Fill In the Missing Pieces and Engage Your Ideal Customer.


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