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MAGNOLIA (New Line Cinema)

Estimated Release Date: December 1999

Starring: Julianne Moore, William H. Macy, Henry Gibson,

Jason Robards

Top Line: Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights), Magnolia follows a group of characters as they mix and match in the San Fernando Valley.


Estimated Release Date: November 2000

Starring: Jim Carrey

Top Line: The Grinch comes to the big screen in this live-action adaptation of the classic tale about a creature with a heart two sizes too small and his attempts to ruin Christmas in Whoville.

SNOWDAY (Paramount Pictures)

Estimated Release Date: First Quarter 2000

Starring: Chevy Chase, Pam Grier

Top Line: A heartwarming comedy that peeks into the lives of the Brandston family on a particularly eventful snowbound day.

DADDY & THEM (Miramax Films)

Estimated Release Date: October 1999

Starring: Billy Bob Thornton, Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Kelly Preston, Andy Griffith, Ben Affleck, Jim Varney, Brenda Blethyn

Top Line: A comedy about the members of a dysfunctional family who learn to work out their differences in a variety of hilarious ways.

Reel Deals

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THE BICENTENNIAL MAN (Buena Vista Pictures) Estimated Release Date: December 1999 Starring: Robin Williams, Embeth Davidtz, Sam Neill Top Line: A film based on an Isaac Asimov short story centering on a robot who lives 200 years while desperately trying to be recognized as a human being.

STUART LITTLE (Columbia TriStar) Estimated Release Date: December 1999 Starring: Geena Davis, Jonathan Lipnicki, and the voices of Michael J. Fox, Gene Wilder, and Jennifer Tilly Top Line: An adaptation of E.B. White’s classic story about the adventures of the Littles, a human family that adopts a mouse. The film is part live-action, part animation, and has already attracted a number of licensing partners.

THE BREAKERS (MGM) Estimated Release Date: Undated 2000 Starring: Cher, Jennifer Aniston, Chazz Palminteri Top Line: A beautiful mother and daughter are a con-artist team in a clever marry-for-money scam. But the “business” is threatened when the daughter rebels and falls in love.

THE ROAD TO EL DORADO (DreamWorks SKG) Estimated Release Date: Spring 2000 Starring: The voices of Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Kline, Rosie Perez, Armand Assante, and Edward James Olmos Top Line: An animated comedy about the misadventures of two 16th century Spanish ne’er-do-wells in the New World who find the legendary Lost City of Gold. Music by Tim Rice and Elton John.

Reel Deals

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DINOSAUR (Buena Vista Pictures) Tentative Release Date: Second Quarter 2000

Starring: Voices of D.B. Sweeney, Kiefer Sutherland, Julianna Margulies, Alfre Woodard

Top Line: A non-traditional prehistoric tale about the extinction of dinosaurs using stop-motion, computer-generated imagery (CGI), and miniature models.

SHREK (DreamWorks SKG) Tentative Release Date: Fourth Quarter 2000

Starring: Sharon Stone, Nick Nolte, Jeff Bridges, Albert Finney, Catherine Keener

Top Line: A fairy tale about a young ogre who seeks his fortune and finds happiness by falling in love with the ugliest princess in the world. An all-CGI film.

FLINTSTONES 2: VIVA ROCK VEGAS (Universal Pictures) Tentative Release Date: Second Quarter 2000

Starring: Mark Addy, Stephen Baldwin, Kristin Johnson, Jane Krakowski

Top Line: The Flintstones return with an all-new cast in a prequel to the 1994 film that focuses on the newly married, twenty-something Fred and Wilma (Addy & Johnston) and Barney and Betty (Baldwin and Krakowski).

SLEEPY HOLLOW (Paramount Pictures) Tentative Release Date: Fall 1999

Starring: Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Christopher Walken

Top Line: Washington Irving’s legend of the Headless Horseman returns, with a more than a few twists to the classic tale. Ichabod Crane (Depp), a New York City constable, arrives in Sleepy Hollow to investigate the mysterious deaths of villagers who have been relieved of their heads by the revenge-seeking horseman.

Universal Studios Inc., Universal City, CA, went the security route twice recently by signing DaimlerChrysler’s Dodge division and Coca-Cola Co. to multi-year marketing contracts. The agreements offer their respective brands rights to a broad array of Universal properties, including movies, theme parks, cartoons, and music. Although no dollar estimates have been proffered, the scope of the deals rank them among the largest ever made in Hollywood.

Organizers of the Sci-Fi Expo & Toy Show in Plano, TX, are making the most of their timely May 21-23 show dates by dangling tickets to Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace as part of their $35 Gold VIP show package. The show is also auctioning off tickets for a special screening in which winning bidders get to sit next to some of the less luminous cast members of the first Star Wars trilogy, including Billy Dee Williams and the faces behind R2D2, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, and Greedo.

Fox Family/Saban Entertainment is working overtime getting fast-food partners for its kids’ TV properties. On the heels of a Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog promo at McDonald’s come kids meal premium deals this month at Wendy’s and Long John Silver’s restaurants. Wendy’s is giving away Bobby’s World toys and games in its first kids meal tie-in with Saban. Long John Silver’s offers a variety of Life With Louie gadgets in its second hookup with the production house.

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ANNA AND THE KING (Twentieth Century Fox) Estimated Release Date: Fourth Quarter 1999 Starring: Chow Yun-Fat, Jodie Foster Top Line: A non-musical version of The King & I, the film takes a new look at the real-life 19th century relationship between the King of Siam and governess Anna Leonowens.

HOOFBEATS (Columbia Pictures) Estimated Release Date: August/September 1999 Starring: Chase Moore, Arie Verveen Top Line: A dramatic adventure about a courageous horse that grows from an awkward colt to a magnificent stallion, triumphing against all odds at the edge of the rugged, inhospitable Skeleton Coast of Namibia.

SCREAM 3 (Miramax) Estimated Release Date: December 1999 Starring: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette Top Line: The third installment of the enormously popular series features the original cast – those who survived, at least – and is being written by original scribe Kevin Williamson.

SOUTH PARK (Paramount Pictures) Estimated Release Date: Summer 1999 Starring: Cartman, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, and Chef Top Line: Based on the Comedy Central smash-hit animated series, the film will bring all of the show’s characters to the big screen.

Reel Deals

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Sneak previews of film projects open to promo partners

TOY STORY 2 (Buena Vista Pictures) Estimated Release Date: November 1999 Starring: The voices of Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Don Rickles, Jim Varney, Annie Potts, and Joan Cusack Top Line: The name says it all. Disney and Pixar reunite for the sequel to the successful ’95 film. This time Andy goes to summer camp and Woody is kidnapped by an obsessive toy collector. It’s up to Buzz Lightyear and the rest of Andy’s toys to save him.

DETROIT ROCK CITY (New Line Cinema) Estimated Release Date: Fourth Quarter 1999 Starring: Who else? Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, and Natasha Lyonne Top Line: Set in 1978, four teens begin a wild adventure to scam tickets for the band they worship — KISS.

THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET (Warner Bros.) Estimated Release Date: Summer 2000 Starring: Jim Carrey Top Line: A contemporary remake of the 1964 Don Knotts comedy. A man falls into the ocean, realizes his dream of becoming a fish, and helps the U.S. Navy spot enemy subs.

BIG DADDY (Sony Pictures) Estimated Release Date: June 1999 Starring: Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Josh Mostel, and Cole and Dylan Sprouse Top Line: Sandler plays a law school graduate who tries to avoid most adult responsibilities. To impress his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend, he adopts a 5-year-old boy. He soon discovers the world of sleep deprivation, annoying children’s music, and bedwetting before taking an unconventional approach to child rearing.

Reel Deals

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Killing Mrs. Tingle (Miramax) Anticipated Release Date: Second Quarter 1999

Starring: Helen Mirren, Katie Holmes, Marisa Coughlan, Liz Stauber, Vivica A. Fox, Molly Ringwald, Lesley Ann Warren, Jeffrey Tambor

Top Line: Everyone had a teacher they truly hated; not everyone decided to do something about it. In the early ’80s, a high school student was told by a teacher he would never make it as a writer. That student, Kevin Williamson, went on to write Scream, Scream 2, and Dawson’s Creek. With his latest thriller, he gets even with his first critic.

Town and Country (New Line Cinema) Anticipated Release Date: Spring 1999

Starring: Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Andie McDowell, Goldie Hawn, Garry Shandling, Jenna Elfman

Top Line: A sexy, romantic comedy about one man’s passion for women that takes him on a desperate search to find his soul. Beatty’s journey forces him to face his fear of growing old. Ultimately, fate and the script lead him back to the place his heart never left.

For the Love of the Game (Universal Pictures) Anticipated Release Date: Summer 1999

Starring: Kevin Costner

Top Line: Costner returns to baseball movies as record-breaking pitcher Billy Chapel. On the day of the biggest game of his career, he learns he is being traded and that his lover, Jane, is moving to London.

Notting Hill (PolyGram Filmed Entertainment) Anticipated Release Date: Summer 1999

Starring: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant

Top Line: Grant plays the owner of a quiet London bookstore. His simple life is turned upside down when the most famous movie star in the world, Roberts, walks into his shop and kisses him. PolyGram has shifted this film to the potentially lucrative summer season.

Who’s On Board: Heineken, Blockbuster, Philips

Reel Deals

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INSPECTOR GADGET (Buena Vista Pictures)

Tentative Release Date: July 1999

Anticipated Rating: PG

Starring: Matthew Broderick, Rupert Everett, Joely Fisher

Top-Line: Inspector Gadget (Broderick) is a resourceful, but bumbling, detective with a tool for everything. With the help of his daughter and their dog, he fights the evil Claw (Everett). The surgeon (Fisher) who created the bionic Gadget falls in love with him. The film will be a mix of live action with computer-generated special effects.

STUART LITTLE (Sony Pictures)

Tentative Release Date: November 1999

Anticipated Rating: G/PG

Starring: No one has been cast yet.

Top-Line: An adaptation of the classic E.B White story of a mouse who lives with a human family. The film will be a mix of live action with computer generated special effects.


Tentative Release Date: November 1999

Anticipated Rating: G/PG

Starring: The voices of Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Kline, Rosie Perez, Armand Assante, Cheech Marin

Top-Line: An animated film about the comic adventures of two 16th century Spanish ne’er-do-wells in the new world who find a legendary city of gold. Music by Elton John and Tim Rice, story by Aladdin screenwriters Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio.


Tentative Release Date: November 1999

Anticipated Rating: PG/PG-13

Starring: Pierce Brosnan

Top-Line: The latest in the most successful film series ever. Brosnan returns for his third movie as secret agent James Bond.

Reel Deals

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Austin Powers 2 (New Line Cinema) Release Date: Summer 1999 Anticipated Rating: PG-13 Starring: Mike Meyers Top line: Meyers writes the script for the groovy sequel of the surprise hit. The party begins when Austin accepts his mission to travel back in time to stop Dr. Evil from taking over the world. The sequel includes the characters Frau Farbissina and Number Two. Who’s on Board: Open

Dudley Do-Right (Universal Pictures) Release Date: May 1999 Anticipated Rating: PG Top line: The big-screen version of Jay Ward’s classic animated character, the Canadian Mountie. Look for Dudley to continue to get his man, with characters including his girlfriend Nell Fenwick and her father, Inspector Ray K. Fenwick. Who’s on Board: Open

The Mod Squad (MGM) Release Date: Spring 1999 Anticipated Rating: PG-13 Starring: Claire Danes, Giovanni Ribisi, Omar Epps Top Line: A remake of the 1960s TV show, directed by Scott Silver. Danes plays Julie Barnes, Ribisi plays Pete, and Epps reprises the role of Linc Hayes. Who’s on Board: Open

The Mummy (Universal Pictures) Release Date: Summer 1999 Anticipated Rating: PG-13 Starring: Brendan Frasier, Rachel Weisz Top line: Remake of the 1932 horror classic with Boris Karloff. Look for modern special effects to boost this version about an Egyptian mummy who returns to life 3,700 years after being entombed. This film will take place in modern-day Egypt. Who’s on Board: Open


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