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Storytelling in Marketing: The Importance of Brand Narrative

Partner Content

Storytelling in Marketing allows consumers to get to know a brand’s personality, authenticity, and values. The use of narrative and storytelling has been proven to help consumers make emotional and personal connections with brands. Brand storytelling is the present and future of marketing- learn more about brand narrative storytelling in this article on UWA Online’s…

soccer sports sponsorships

Evaluating Sports Sponsorship Impact: 3 Tips

|  by Brian Foley

Sports sponsorship packages are pan-digital, intending to display logos or “@” mentions across many assets. In social media, the metrics can get fuzzy.

Six Rules for Innovative Storytelling

|  by Jessica Lauretti

Consumers are bombarded with content all day long. But what sets successful innovative storytelling in marketing apart is the thoughtful and meaningful content that actually makes up the storyline.