3 Tips to Get Those Black Friday & Cyber Monday Emails Open

Posted on by Christina Diederich

3. Extend your Promotion … But Make Sure It’s Not the Same Old Thing
Why limit Black Friday or Cyber Monday to one day’s length? Extend the shopping frenzy, but DON’T extend the lifeline of your email marketing creative. According to Marketing Sherpa, 61% of consumers don’t mind receiving weekly promotional emails from businesses, and 28% would prefer if they came even more frequently. This willingness to hear from your brand via your email marketing campaigns is a great opportunity—but you will squander it if you lazily resend the same email as the week before. Doing that will only get you ‘unsubscribes’ and a lack of positive responses. You’ll have to change it up, target the user with a different value proposition and up the ante with a sweeter deal to push them to make the purchase. Don’t be afraid to get personal in the subject line or the body of the emails either—74% of marketers say that email personalization improves rates of customer engagement.

I would try something like: Joe, missed our big sale? You can still get it today!

Remember, you still have time to update your campaigns. Follow the above and tweak your content as necessary. Happy emailing!

Christina Diederich is vice president of client strategy at Matomy Media Group.

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