Content Marketing Needs to Evolve

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros


Many marketers are still using the same content marketing strategies that worked three years ago—and that’s a recipe for diminishing returns.

“We’re reaching an overwhelming information density,” says Mark Schaefer, founder and executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions. “A few years ago, content was a novelty and it was easy to use it to get traction and leads. But now, people are seeing declining success and not understanding why.”

Schaefer, author of “The Content Code” and “The Tao of Twitter” will deliver a keynote —“A Strategy to Win at Content Marketing Today”— at LeadsCon Las Vegas, March 15-17 at The Venetian.

There’s a lot of conversation surrounding best practices for creating and optimizing content, Schaefer notes. “But content has an economic value of zero unless it is seen and shared.”

Content isn’t the finish line—it’s the starting line, he says. “You need to build an audience and know who is sharing, where and why. That is what is creating the economic value.”

A whopping 80% of content on B2B websites never gets seen. Just hitting publish doesn’t mean you have a content marketing strategy, says Schaefer. “You can trick people into clicking on a link, but you can’t trick them into sharing your content. Marketers need to create an emotional connection with their audience in a heroic way that makes them stand out.”

To learn more about Schaefer’s six strategies for igniting your content marketing strategy, attend LeadsCon Las Vegas, March 15-17. LeadsCon is a sister event to Chief Marketer’s B2B LeadsCon, Aug 22-24 at the New York Hilton Midtown.

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