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Question: What was the best promotion by a major bran in 1998?

Pepsi’s pop culture cap game stands out in mind. It delivers not only what marketers are after – instant gratification and incremental sales – but it did so with a fresh, modern, creative approach. The promotion delivers tiered incentives that make it fun for the consumer to play, and the probability to win greater.

– Christopher Ott, president, Ott Communications, Louisville, KY.

Nissan took a smart approach to market segmentation with the tie-in of Mercury Villager minivans and Rugrats cartoon characters. Parents are a key target for minivan sales, and Nissan chose to reach parents by tying in with characters that are hugely popular with kids. Villager advertising featured the characters months before [The Rugrats Movie] movie opened. When it did premiere, Villagers were on display in many theater lobbies.

– Rob Dhoble, president and chief operating officer, Rapp Collins Worldwide’s Acuity HealthGroup, New York.

The Breath Savers Longest Kiss Challenge was the best tie-in brand positioning and usage that I saw. Longest kiss contests were held in malls in targeted areas across the U.S., and the event generated a lot of P.R. It built the brand character, tied-in with usage, and created a newsworthy event.

– Janet Grottalio, senior vp-program development, Co-Options, Inc., Darien, CT.


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Question: What is the future of Internet promotion? I believe it’s bright. Through the Internet we have an opportunity to make promotions look and feel much different from what we’re using to seeing in traditional media. The best execution will personalize the promotion’s experience in a way that historically has not been possible. The challenge clients and agencies will face is to aggressively pursue a range of possibilities while determining how to measure the results-whether they be retail sales or attitudinal shifts.

-Bruce Orr, CEO, president, TLP, Inc., Dallas

Promotion marketing is already in full force on the Web. This has happened without any standardization of advertising formats or common measurement tools. That’s because the Web provides immediate results through commerce or direct response mechanisms. What standardization will do is accelerate online promotions as it will make marketing on the Web more understandable and more comparable to traditional promotional marketing channels.

-Chris Bowler, vp associate media director, new media, CME Advertising, Minneapolis

Promotion marketing is compatible with the Internet. A great promotion on a great Web site will do more for a marketer’s sales than a great ad. Some software programs eliminate banner ads within browsers, so you could be on line all day and never see a message. The most predictable area of promotional marketing growth on the Net is in the trade and sales promotion area. Extranets will see incredible growth. As more businesses add online customer service, procurement, inventory management, processing,and selling procedures to their marketing arsenals, we will be right there beside them. Creative promo agencies will collaborate with companies with proprietary interactive online tools to deliver specific information to sales and distribution networks.

-Bob Lipsky, president, QLM Marketing, Princeton, NJ.


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