McDonald’s Epic Big Mac Ring is Contest’s Grand Prize

Posted on by Patty Odell

Yes, it’s true. Valentine’s Day was Wednesday. It’s also true that McDonald’s is giving away the most audacious, over-the-top bling ring likely ever created by a burger joint—just for that special day.

McDonald's Bling Mac Contest
The McDonald’s Bling Mac Ring. What will it think of next!

The “Bling Mac” ring, worth $12,500, is an 18K gold, delectable seven layers of champagne diamonds and orange sapphires cooked up in the shape of a big, juicy Big Mac. Just the vision of it takes us back to McDonald’s famous jingle, two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame bun.

The ring, created by New York-based jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn, is being given away as part of McDonald’s Bling Mac Contest.

To participate, contestants had to create original wedding vows professing their love and devotion to the Big Mac to post in a single tweet using the tags @McDonalds and #BlingMacContest. Each entry is judged on creativity, love and affinity for the Big Mac and humor.

One contestant, @TheGabbieShow tweeted: I, Gabbie, take you, Big Mac, to be my hastily eaten lunch, to smell & to eat, for cheesier for saucier, in hunger & in fullness, until dinner do us part.

The weeklong contest ended at 11:59 pm on Feb. 14. Judging begins Monday with the winner announced around Feb. 28.

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