How One Food Festival Pivoted to Digital

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Pivoting experiences to digital poses particular challenges to marketers whose products and engagements are all about food. So, when it came to converting EEEEEATSCON to a virtual gathering, the organizers behind the event relied on celebrity co-hosts and meal kits to engage with attendees, according to a piece in Event Marketer.

Beginning on July 22, the event features four free debates with a panel of special guests discussing delicious foods, each covering a different topic—bagel and lox, BBQ, pizza and dessert. In order to turn viewers into actual event participants, the team sent “EEEEEATSCON in a box” meal kits to viewers, allowing them to taste the menu items being discussed by the hosts in real-time.

For more details on the food experience, read more in Event Marketer.


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