How Brands Can Evaluate the Next Big Thing in Social Media

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When a new social media platform captivates the marketing industry (take Clubhouse, the audio-based social app that recently hit the scene), the temptation for brands is to jump on the bandwagon. But your organization’s marketing goals, bandwidth, audience and budget should align with that shiny new object before diving in, according to a piece in PRNEWS.

To stay on top of new platforms and new features, Tiffany Rivers, Director of Social Media at Media Cause, suggests that marketers should first “observe, listen and learn” before posting on behalf of their brands. When considering the number of platforms to engage with, she urges brands to consider both bandwidth and the type of content that performs well on those platforms. Beyond simply trying to be relevant, marketers should determine if they have the talent and resources to ensure success and whether a platform’s audience adds to the brand’s specific business goals.

The most important factor is knowing your audience, River says. Though a platform may be popular or novel, having a presence there won’t benefit your brand if your audience doesn’t actually engage with it. And in the case of smaller nonprofit organizations, it isn’t wise to be an early adopter. Rivers recommends refining your current strategy and evaluate the risks and rewards instead. For more on how brands can approach the next new social media craze, read on in PRNEWS.


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