DM Jobs Available Despite Economic Slowdown

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Companies in direct marketing generally have been cutting back on hiring employees for six straight quarters. However, demand for talent and hiring remains strong for certain kinds of jobs, such analysts, e-commerce professionals and sales reps, according to survey findings released by a headhunting firm.

“It’s getting tougher out there, but people are finding jobs. I’ve seen worse downturns. The number of hiring freezes and layoffs was worst after 9/11, but we’re moving in that direction and that concerns me,” says Jerry Bernhart, president of Bernhart Associates Executive Search, based in Owatonna, MN.

Job seekers looking for marketing positions have been hardest hit by the current economic slowdown, as companies have been hiring fewer people in that area. “I’m getting more phone calls and seeing resumes coming in from people trying to find marketing positions,” Bernhart says.

Demand for sales reps typically stays strong during economic downturns because companies depend on sales reps to bring in new business. Costs are going up and profits are being squeezed and that seemingly makes sales reps more valuable. “Nobody wants to pull the plug on sales,” he adds.

Among the companies surveyed, 47% said they planned to add staff during the third quarter, which represents a 7% decline from the previous quarter. One out of five companies have hiring freezes. More companies are allowing vacant positions remain unfilled rather than letting employees go. About 12% companies surveyed indicated they are planning to cut staffs.

It’s certainly not all doom and gloom, as nearly half the companies surveyed indicated they expect to have positions available for job seekers in coming months, including some that reported having difficulties filling various analyst and e-commerce positions.


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