CM Listline: In Life Events, Timing is Everything

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

The proliferation of online advertising networks is creating “much ado about nothing,” at least in terms of how digital marketing is romanticized nowadays. However, these cyber-agents are capturing real-time information at an unprecedented rate, with consequences for direct marketers. In times like these, it's important to remember that, while timing is everything, the need for rapid response may be overstated. A newly engaged bride-to-be may be viewing a website about how not to stress about planning for her big day and to think about the big picture, but that doesn't indicate that she's ready to purchase her wedding dress — which would likely occur offline.

Therefore, marketers alike should “not sweat the small stuff” related to online targeting, but rather think more about buyer behavior.

If you are thinking about the timing of your marketing efforts, then life events are a good place to start. Life events are proven triggers for major purchase decisions. For example, newly engaged couples and empty nesters are more likely to invest in exotic travel; new moms are more likely to invest more in home safety; and new homeowners are more likely to invest in security.

Here are five life event databases to consider. The list popularity index shows each list's rating on a range from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest. The scores are calculated using an algorithm that analyzes recency and frequency of more than 100,000 outside list recommendations made in the trailing 12 months of the scoring date.

ALC Milestones Empty Nesters

Universe: 354,840

Price: $75/M

List Popularity Index: 75

Contact: American List Counsel, Emily Briody,, (609) 580-2971

American Baby

Universe: 2,635,761

Price: $115/M

List Popularity Index: 100

Contact: Specialists Marketing Services, Sharon Mahoney,, (201) 865-5800 x2226

Brides To Be Masterfile Catalog Buyers and Requestors

Universe: 671,030

Price: $125/M

List Popularity Index: 93

Contact: Infogroup, Nicole Wheeler,, (402) 836-5169

ICOM Weekly New Movers

Universe: 15,000,000

Price: $75/M

List Popularity Index: 97

Contact: Epsilon, Jeanie Son,, (416) 297-7887 x2327

Welcome Wagon New Homeowner Data

Universe: 9,600,000

Price: $60/M

List Popularity Index: 100

Contact: GETKO Direct Response, Tami Roberts,, (800) 642-8732

Data cards for these are publicly available at

Chris DeMartine ( is director of business development for NextMark.


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