3 Tips to Get Those Black Friday & Cyber Monday Emails Open

Posted on by Christina Diederich

The weekend following Thanksgiving, comprised of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is arguably the most popular shopping timeframe for U.S. consumers each year, with Cyber Monday sales alone surpassing the $3 billion mark last year.

Black Friday, Cyber MondayEmail marketing campaigns are key to attracting customers to brick-and-mortar storefronts and directing them to your website for the big sales, but must be customized for the occasion. To capitalize on the shopping-mania about to descend, make sure your marketing emails are designed so that potential customers can’t resist opening them. Here are three tips to help you wrap your email marketing campaign with the perfect bow this holiday season:

1. Address the Shopper’s Nightmare
Cyber Monday has increasingly carved for itself a place in the holiday shopping season, leading many shoppers to wait until Cyber Monday to order their goods online. It’s just too exhausting and sometimes even traumatic to get geared up and brace the crushing stampedes at the malls on Black Friday. Fighting with another shopping enthusiast over the sweater in the right size, getting in line in the wee hours of the morning to get that laptop … is it really worth it? Instead of reinforcing these shoppers’ tendency to skip Black Friday and wait for Cyber Monday, make your big online sales start in time for Black Friday—and let your customers know about it! Within a deluge of email marketing campaigns, make yours stand out by creating a subject line that understands their fears, and addresses them at the same time.

My suggestion? Black Friday Savings without the Big Crowds! 60% off today!

2. Short, Sweet and Mobile-Friendly
According to Experian, in Q3 of 2015 54% of email openings occurred on mobile devices, so making your email marketing campaign mobile-friendly should be a priority. This means that brevity becomes an imperative. An iPhone will only show between 35 to 38 characters in portrait mode, so it’s vital to keep your subject lines short and sweet. In fact, your email as a whole should be brief, getting the main point across within a few seconds before the customer moves onto the next email or deletes it. And most importantly, ensure the ability for a smooth transaction from your email to the point-of-sale, for customers who want to complete a transaction right on their device.

A great example of a quick, snappy, effective headline is: It’s on! Shop the lowest prices of the year!

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