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Chief Marketer Listline Sept. 15

By Sep 15, 2013

Chief Marketer and NextMark offer a selection of files new to market. The criteria for selection for Chief Marketer Listline is:

  • New list to market in past 7 days
  • Exclusive to list manager
  • Data card quality score 85 or higher on NextMark
  • Data card publicly available online

Casual Living Magazine Email Mailing List

This trade magazine covers retailers, designers and contract hospitality buyers in the casual furniture industry.

Universe: 7,436

Price: $350/M

Selections: Business, job title, SCF/State/Zip

Contact: Statlistics, Paul Cabiati, p.cabiati@statlistics.com, (203) 778-8700

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=392362

Evan-Moor Teacher Catalog

Since 1979, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers has provided educators with practical, creative and engaging PreK-8 materials to support and enrich the core curriculum.

Universe: 58,824

Price: $110/M

Selections: Gender, grade, home/business address, job function, state/SCF/zip

Contact: Rickard List Marketing, DJ Giacopino, dgiacopino@rickard2.com, (631) 820-3708

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=392326

Highlights Hello Magazine Subscribers

Highlights Hello, the newest magazine published by Highlights for Children, targets parents of children age 0-2 looking to instill a lifelong love of learning.

Universe: 48,000

Price: $115/M

Selections: Gender, SCF/State/Zip

Contact: American List Counsel (ALC), Tim Hickman, timothy.hickman@alc.com, (609) 580-2611

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=391949

Moose River Forestry and Landscape Email Masterfile

Featured here are opt-in email subscribers to Moose River Publishing titles including Farming Magazine, Forest Products Equipment, Growing Magazine, Landscape and Hardscape Construction, Sports Field Management, Superintendent Magazine, Tree Services Magazine, and Turf Magazine.

Universe: 50,925

Price: $325/M

Selections: Job title, type of business

Contact: The Information Refinery, Inc., Dan Ingram, dan@inforefinery.com, (201) 529-2600

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=392345

Positive Promotions Packages

Positive Promotions offers exclusively designed products for national events and awareness campaigns, health and safety promotions, employee recognition and retention programs, children’s education and incentives, and more.

Universe: 295,00

Price: $65/M

Contact: Leon Henry Inc., Jim Gallagher, jimg@leonhenryinc.com, (914) 285-3456

Datacard: http://lists.nextmark.com/market?page=order/online/datacard&id=389996


Casey McClay is a client success director at NextMark.