Combining Paid Search With LinkedIn Ads for B2B Success

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

millerUsing paid advertising options on LinkedIn to reach specific target personas is an emerging opportunity that many B2B marketers still aren’t taking advantage of, says Janet Driscoll Miller, president and CEO of data-driven agency Marketing Mojo.

“Generally, B2B marketers have specific audiences they want to reach, and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) can make a huge difference in the cost-per-lead process,” says Miller. “We’re seeing clients using a combination of paid search with combined with LinkedIn to better demographically target who they want to talk to.”

Miller will be a featured speaker in the session “Converting on Social: Building An Active, Participatory Conversation With Your Customers” at the B2B LeadsCon Summit at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, Aug. 14-15.

“LinkedIn is challenging,” she notes. “There are so many folks I talk with who are experienced marketers—and they really struggle to understand what LinkedIn has to offer.”

There are two big opportunities B2B marketers should be aware of on LinkedIn, Miller notes.

Marketing Solutions are the display ads on LinkedIn, such as banner ads. These are managed through LinkedIn and can be an expensive proposition. The minimum insertion order is $25,000 in ad spend over a three-month period, which is a large commitment for many companies when something is unproven.

Self-serve or text ads are used more often by many of Miller’s clients. “You can get more niche in your targeting and reach a specific user or support group,” she notes.

Let’s say that I’m trying to reach database administrators. If I know there is a group that targets database issues, I know there is a high degree [that group will be appropriate.]”

From there, she says, when marketers set up campaigns, they can then use retargeting codes. “We know that all of the issues they are facing are specific to database administrators and will be specific to the persona group, and now we can market to them long term.”

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