YouTube’s New Updates: What You Need to Know

Posted on by Patty Odell

There are untold numbers of brand marketers using YouTube to reach consumers with video. The website has been around for 12 years and, since then, has undergone a massive amount of tech enhancements, services and other upgrades to the site.

As Google says on its YouTube blog, “To put it simply, YouTube’s evolved … a lot.”

YouTube logo
YouTube’s new logo

It has been releasing updates over the last few months and will continue to do so through the rest of the year. This week it shared a number of changes important to marketers.

1. The YouTube Mobile App has an updated header, newly located navigation tabs and new tabs for better accessibility.

2. Video Gestures YouTube is experimenting with a feature that lets users jump between videos. This follows the debut of a gesture that allows users to fast forward or rewind videos.

3. Speed The capability to speed up or slow down video playback is now available on the app.

4. Video Adaption YouTube is experimenting with new ways to display video. Coming soon is technology that will seamlessly change the shape of videos to match the format being watched.

5. Browsing A new feature lets uses view a row of suggested videos while watching in full screen.

In addition, a new desktop design launched today with an updated red and white YouTube logo and icon that works “better” across various screens. However, if you prefer a more sinister look, desktop users can activate the dramatic, black-and-red Dark Theme, which is far less of a strain on the eyes, the independent reported.

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