Taco Bell Looks to Social Fans for Video Content Inspiration

Posted on by Patty Odell
Taco Tales
In the first episode of “Taco Tales” an employee takes her car to the mechanic and gets a surprise visit later.

Taco Bell has launched a video series to reach consumers far beyond its drive-thru windows and snappy in-restaurant seating.

“Taco Tales” are short branded videos that put Taco Bell in the background. Taco Tales all live on YouTube in a big push to get video and social content in front of customers and prospects alike. In the second episode, a Taco Bell drive-thru encounter forces a hangry race team to improvise in how they order at the drive-thru window to satisfy their late-night cravings.

Some of the ideas for #TacoTales come from social media fans where Taco Bell has a heavy presence on platforms like Twitter and Reddit and fans are active. Ryan Rimsnider, Taco Bell’s senior manager of social strategy, weighs in. Read the article … and watch Episode 2: “Race Thru”

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