Tuesday Is the Best Day to Deploy a Facebook Campaign

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A report from Yesmail titled “Using Digital Market Intelligence to Drive Multi-Channel Success” examines campaigns deployed via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email. Among the findings is that Tuesday, surprisingly, is the best day of the week to deploy a Facebook campaign, while the five most engaging brands deployed 45-70 Twitter campaigns per month.

According to the report, Facebook campaigns deployed on Tuesday get the highest level of engagement, despite the fact that Tuesday ranks fourth in terms of number of deployed campaigns.

Meanwhile, Facebook campaigns deployed between 10 p.m. and midnight Eastern time get the most engagement. However, this is the least utilized time slot for deployments. The least engaging time of day to deploy a Facebook campaign is 1-4 a.m. Eastern time. The most popular time of day for deploying Facebook campaigns is 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Eastern time, though this slot is in the bottom 30 percent in terms of engagement, according to Yesmail.

While Yesmail didn’t see a clear-cut answer when it comes to determining the best frequency for Facebook campaigns deployed per month, a look at the five most engaging retail brands on Facebook revealed that they deploy 20-32 campaigns per month. Meanwhile, the five least engaging brands deploy an average of 54 campaigns per month.

Yesmail also found that on Facebook, photo content is the most engaging campaign type, probably because it’s easy to share, quick to browse and doesn’t require lots of time.

The study revealed that Facebook engagement increases by about 50 percent when one email campaign is deployed, and by 100 percent when two email campaigns are deployed in the same time frame. “Given the wide adoption of social share buttons, this relationship makes a compelling case for multi-channel marketing programs that are spearheaded by email,” according to Yesmail.

When it comes to Twitter, the highest levels of engagement happen on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. While 20 percent of all Twitter campaigns are deployed on Fridays, that day displays the lowest level of customer engagement.

Yesmail also looked at the commonalities between the most engaging Twitter campaigns. It found that they often adhere to one or more of the following practices:

  • communicate purpose by identifying the desired customer behavior

  • provide an incentive for performing a specific action

  • empower the customer by putting them in charge

  • feature a celebrity mention

  • include a famous saying or a celebrity quote

  • incorporate fun, feel-good tweets with fun, feel-good hashtags

Twitter engagement also benefits from email marketing, as engagement rises by more than 25 percent with one email campaign and by more than 40 percent with two campaigns.

For YouTube, Monday and Tuesday exhibit the highest levels of engagement. While Monday displays the highest engagement, it’s one of the three least utilized deployment days.

Yesmail also notes that a third of top performing YouTube campaigns are shorter than 30 seconds, while 28 percent are 60-90 seconds, 17 percent are 120-180 seconds and 11 percent are longer than 180 seconds.




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