Road Calls

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

To encourage AT&T customers to take advantage of the company’s Local Toll Service plan (for in-state long distance), AT&T launched a direct-mail campaign reaching 2.5 million customers in 21 states.

Four percent of customers responded to the offer by filling out a business reply card and choosing AT&T Local Toll Service or authorizing the service via AT&T customer service. In return, customers were offered a highway safety kit which included a carrying case imprinted with AT&T’s logo, booster cables, first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, flashing hazard light, poncho, emergency water bag, gloves, distress flag and a note of appreciation. “The total retail value of the kit: $29.95. Its value to AT&T customers, priceless!” said a company statement.

“We canvassed the industry in order to put together the optimum kit for AT&T that was able to meet their cost objectives while still giving the consumer something of value and quality,” says Frank Hayes, director of purchasing at Don Jagoda Associates.


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