Live from Circulation Day: Michael Loeb Inducted into Hall of Fame

Posted on by Chief Marketer Staff

Michael Loeb was inducted into the Direct Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame Wednesday.

Loeb, along with partner Jay Walker, co-founded Synapse Group, which includes NewSub Services, Magazine Direct, CAP systems, Synapse Connect, and Gift Services LLC. Synapse created Continuos Service, an open-ended subscription system for magazine publishers.

Before founding Synapse, Loeb helped launched Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated for Kids, SI Video, and the SI catalog, as well as other AOL Time Warner properties. Early in his career Loeb was director of renewals for “the ill-fated TV Cable Week,” and he took the time to thank the editors for “ensuring there was no one to renew.”

In introducing Loeb at the conference, Pete Pedersen, executive director, public relations for Publishers Clearing House said that Loeb had described himself as “the Susan Lucci of the Circulation Hall of Fame,” referring to the soap opera actress known for being snubbed by the daytime Emmys. (Lucci finally won one in 1999.)


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