Lenovo CMO Roman Outlines Marketing Challenges

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Lenovo recently partnered with Disney to create the "Jedi Challenges" AR game.
Lenovo recently partnered with Disney to create the “Jedi Challenges” AR game.

Tech brands like Lenovo face the challenge of appealing both to geeks and those less mechanically inclined.

“If you’re a CIO, you know what Lenovo does, you like to buy Lenovo because it’s great quality, it’s reliable, they know how it works. Their issue is getting the users to want the Lenovo products that they have,” David Roman, CMO of Lenovo told CNBC recently.

The brand is increasing its marketing presence, with initiatives like a contest to find the 25 ThinkPad laptops (to mark the 25th anniversary of the brand), new TV spots for the Yoga laptop and “Jedi Challenges,” an augmented reality Star Wars game produced with Disney that uses a mobile device, a headset and a lightsaber controller.

David Roman
David Roman

Lenovo is working with a British agency to create a more human face for the brand, and blend the cultures of the company’s two headquarters locations, Beijing and Morrisville, NC.

“What we’re trying to do is really make it relevant, show our personality, show the attitude, what drives the company, what motivates us,” Roman told CNBC.

Earlier this year, Ashish Braganza, director, global analytics and business intelligence for Lenovo, told Chief Marker in an interview the brand was heavily focused on personalization. “We want to move from being a product centric to a customer centric company,” he said. “We want to know what are the right things to show customers at each stage of the customer journey.”

 Ashish Braganza
Ashish Braganza

Lenovo build different algorithms to create various clusters of customers based on behaviorial data. These are used to change website experiences in real time, to enhance customer engagement, and optimize media spend on retargeting.

The brand worked with Syntasa to get a better view of its behaviorial data. “We can now customize offers earlier in the funnel, and make it more about the [customer], rather than just a sales message,” said Braganza. “If we know what the customer is looking at, and the type of device they are using, we can give [messages] more context.”

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