How to Tackle the Biggest Webinar Challenges

Posted on by Patty Odell

Webinars are unquestionably one of the top lead gen tactics for many B2B marketers to drive high quality leads and offer value to prospective clients and existing customers. Consumers use them to get new information and best practices, to discover new products, and to self-educate before they make a purchase. In short, webinars have become indispensable for helping companies meet business goals.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday still the best days to promote webinars.

Modern webinars allow marketers to offer a wide variety of information to viewers, not the least of which are tips and how tos, the capabilities to explain products or services in detail or to use storytelling, video and other interactive tactics to engage and communicate.

Some of the biggest challenges companies face are driving webinar registrations and attendance, delivering an engaging presentation, parsing out the best qualified leads from the registrants and driving more on-demand viewing.

In this free, online webinar you will learn from an expert in the field how you can maximize the evolving technology of webinars and marketing tactics to drive sales? Join Chief Marketer and ON24’s vice president of content marketing Mark Bornstein on Thursday, June 29, for “Unlocking the Secrets to Driving Webinar Registration.”

You’ll learn the secret sauce to driving webinar registrations by optimizing and personalizing email invites to break through the clutter—without being annoying. Getting the timing right is important too. Almost one in four registrants sign up for a webinar more than 15 days before the event and 25% typically sign up the day of. You’ll see how to use video to drive registrations and how to put social media to work. Bornstein will also share how to promote from other webinars, how to deploy progressive profiling and enlist your sales team to deliver a standout event.

Webinars have evolved from static presentations into multimedia, content-rich experiences, with social elements, video and complex calls to action to engage and involve audiences. You’ll get all the latest best practices you need in this new webinar.


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