Customer Loyalty: Three Tips to Earn It and Keep It

Posted on by Josh Nash

3. Kill Fragmented Experiences by adopting a single view of each customer
For brands to avoid disappointing customers, they need to adopt a unified view of the customer that takes every channel into account. Whether that’s an email response, a visit inside the store, a website visit or engagement on Twitter or Facebook, every touch point needs to be accounted for and it needs to be real-time.

Typically, the average B2C marketing organization has upwards of 20 different customer engagement systems, with siloed functions, data, rules and workflow. Siloed systems of customer engagement create a fragmented understanding of the customer, along with inconsistent experiences, all of which lead to disloyalty. Brands that fail to understand their customers cannot possibly deliver complete and personalized experiences.

This holiday season, brands need to effectively orchestrate engagement with individual customers across the enterprise. They need to establish an engagement hub that removes the friction from customer experience. This means moving past a one-size-fits-all loyalty model that treats every customer the same way, to instead using all available data to target highest-value customers. By understanding every customer as a segment of one (with intent, preferences, purchase history, behavior, seasonality, etc.) brands can deliver hyper-personalized messages with content, offers and actions that are in context to where the customer resides within their buying journey across all touchpoints.

There’s no better time than the holidays to ramp up your loyalty efforts and deliver a truly remarkable customer experience. These tips will help get you on the right path, to earn and keep your customers right where they belong. With your brand, year after year.
John Nash is CMSO at RedPoint Global.

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