Cross-Cultural Marketing in a Pandemic: Key Tenets for Business Leaders

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Actions brand marketers take during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when the complexities of racial injustices are playing out across the cultural and business landscape, are being closely watched by consumers. As such, an organization’s response demands leadership, authenticity and acknowledgment of the issue at hand, according to a column in PRNEWS from multicultural marketing specialist Helen Shelton.

First, marketers need to understand the key tenets of cross-cultural marketing: authenticity, acknowledgement and accountability, she says. The dual pandemic of tragic events and protests to end racial injustices combined with COVID-19 have created a conundrum for companies across all categories. Brands that have excelled at responding to the events include Ben & Jerry’s and Gucci, which have both taken a firm stand in support of ending systemic racism.

Shelton also suggests that brands must avoid sounding inauthentic, commit to change for the long haul, craft communications with sensitivity and organize their media mix in a way that reaches multicultural consumers. For a deep dive into how to approach cross-cultural marketing in this moment, read more in PRNEWS.

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