Coke Pulls it Off Again!

Posted on by Patty Odell

Like I said a week or so ago, it’s always a wonder what Coca-Cola will come up with to outdo itself in its marketing around the Super Bowl each year. Well, now we know.

Facebook fans casted an astonishing 910,000 votes to determine the ending to a Super Bowl ad that had three groups—Showgirls, Cowboys and the Badlanders—racing through the desert to be the first to reach to an icy-cold bottle of Coke. I guess it’s no surprise that the pretty Showgirls with all their pink feather won with all the guys that watch the Super Bowl. (Watch the TV spot following the game that announced they had won.)

As part of the gameplay, players could use sabotages against rival groups to try to slow down the competition. Which brings me to another astounding number: almost 7.3 million sabotages were performed.

Granted, the promotion actually began about three weeks before the Super Bowl so the numbers were already building, but I’m sure the Super Bowl delivered the ultimate touchdown bringing active fan engagement with to top 11 million. The YouTube videos also got lots of play—3 million views.

And in a true testament to the power of social media, more than 86,000 mentions of the campaign were tracked across various social platforms.

I tell you all this because it truly is always fun to see what a major brand like Coke is up to, and especially to hear how it all worked out. And while it may have worked out for Coke, it didn't for me—I voted for the Badlanders. 


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