Behind the Scenes: What Works for Webinar Experts

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

How can webinars be used to generate new leads? What types of webinar formats work best, and how do you measure the results?

ON24 walks the walk when it comes to webinar, using them heavily to promote their webinar-based marketing solutions. What works for them?

Get the scoop in a new webinar on Wednesday, April 25, where Neal Amsden, vice president, of demand generation at ON24 will share the secrets of his strategy to optimize webinar performance.

The average engagement time with a webinar is a whopping 55 minutes, according to ON24, making webinars a powerful way to spend time with a customer or prospect. There are numerous components to running a successful event, from choosing the right talent; to driving registrations and conversions to attend; to creating engagement with attendees via polls, Q&As and content downloads; to scoring leads; to meaningful follow-up after the webinar.

In “ON24 on ON24: How the Webinar Expert Use Webinars,” Amsden will offer at look at the types of webinar programs ON24 runs across the sales cycle, and how the company automates sharing webinar data with the sales team to facilitate customer engagement. Learn what metrics the company tracks and how, and the impact webinars have on the lead pipeline in conjunction with their CRM and marketing automation platforms. He’ll also reveal the content lifecycle of webinars, and where their marketing strategy is headed.

Watch live on April 25 or register now to view on-demand at your convenience.


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