Agency Trust Hurt by Millennial Job-Hoppers

Posted on by Patty Odell

Millennials are job-hoppers. And that’s not helping build trust in agencies and on brand marketing teams.

Millennial job-hoppersMillennials are always on the lookout for the next job, the next raise and the next big-name account to slap onto their resumes. This revolving door of talent hurts agencies and brands in multiple ways, including eroding trust and experience born only of time spent on the job. When a team member departs, so too does the history and learnings of understanding the client’s business, marketing needs and personality quirks. If talent keeps coming and going, clients might too.

However, there are some fixes to this problem, as explained in this article from One is change, coming from the top down, letting talent know that it takes time, and hard work, to become a successful marketer. Salaries, promotions and where you look for talent all play a role in either keeping great talent or holding open the door as they march on to their next big gig. Read the article …

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