A Lesson in Using Emojis in Social to Improve Business

Posted on by Patty Odell
using emojis in social to improve business
Emojis can be an asset in engaging with social fans and followers for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Happy faces. Sad faces. Angry faces. Rolling eyes. Joy. The hundreds and hundreds of moods and expressions that emojis can express can help you humanize your social media marketing.

Using emojis in social media to improve business can help you reach your legions of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But do you know how? This step-by-step, illustrated article from Social Media Examiner is a lesson in how to do just that. And with all the focus on marketing to Millennials, this is a way to up your game with that social-heavy demo.

Emojis can be used to respond to customer comments or used with posts. They can play a role in promotions, like the Tampico Beverages game #Emojiball. The game used emojis and offered prizes  like smart watches and other tech toys as rewards. Tampico, a maker of juice drink concentrates, promoted the second version the #Emojiball2 sweepstakes on its site with the message: “Social media savvy moms will especially love #Emojiball2, a sweepstakes on the Tampico Facebook page where they play for prizes in a language we all know and love: emoji.” Read the article …

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