7 Tips for Successful Client Progress Meetings

Posted on by Patty Odell

Holding client progress meetings to update the client on campaigns can have plenty of pitfalls if not run carefully and completely. You want your client to leave with all the data and information necessary to show the campaign is running smoothly or what tweaks you have executed to improve performance.

client progress meetingsThis comprehensive article from HubSpot talks about the four reasons why progress meetings matter, like the information you feed to your client can be shared with his or her peers and provide the all important word-of-mouth referrals.

The article moves forward to discuss points in how to run a client account progress meeting, such as having a clear agenda and the materials you should have on hand. It wraps up with seven inbound marketing activities to report on each month. The list includes series of questions that you should be ready to answer in seven areas: SEO, Blogging & Content Creation, Social Media, Landing Page Performance, Lead Nuturing, Email Campaigns and customer acquisition.

It’s a nice planning tool for your toolbox.

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